Is my son too old for Fairy God-mailer

Hi liners
My son is turning 20 when we are in WDW on Dec 12, 16. We leave Australia on Dec 2 so we are a few weeks away.
He is always teasing me about forgetting his birthday with comments like “why isn’t my birthday marked on the schedule” and that kind of thing.
BTW, I have never forgotten his birthday but it has become a running joke between us.
Is it rude to ask for a fairy god-mailer for someone turning 20? It would make him laugh & be amazed if Goofy sent him a postcard mentioning his upcoming birthday but I would hate for little kids to miss out because we pinched their fairy god-mailer.
Please let me know your thoughts before I try to sign up. Of course, I would return the favour & sign up for someone else.

I don’t think it rude at all. Share a bit about your reasons just like you did here. Disney is about magic for children of all ages! Put him on the list :slight_smile:


I’ve seen adults on the list many times. Not a problem at all!!


To me, the Fairy God-Mailer is about spreading magic. We all should have a little magic in our lives every once in a while!

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I’m 22 and would be thrilled if I got something like that. DO IT!!! :smiley:

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Thanks for all the feedback. I feel much better about putting him on the list now.