Is My Hollywood & Vine Reservation Fantasmic?

So I made a reservation at Hollywood & Vine on the evening of Dec 7 for 7:45p under the assumption that all dining reservations there on Fantasmic! show nights automatically get the VIP Fantasmic! seating.

Then I see a separate page to search for those dining reservations “Minnie’s Holiday Dine at Hollywood & Vine Dinner Fantasmic!” and I don’t remember going here to make my reservations so then I’m bummed.

Then I look at my reservation itself and it reads “Minnie’s Holiday Dine at Hollywood & Vine Dinner”

Does this mean we are getting the VIP Fantasmic! seating or not??

I am super confused

There are two different packages- one with Fantasmic, one without.

I think that late you definitely have the one without- but hopefully someone will be able to come on and tell you what your reservation should say to show a package.

did you book it as a fantasmic package or just book it as H&V? Looking at the times for that day it appears the package ends around 3PM. I am going to guess you just have H&V without the VIP.

sorry I could be wrong with the timing if you booked the Minnie VIP at H&V it looks like the last reservation starts at 6;30pm. I really think you just have he restaurant.

You will have to book through the Fantasmic link on the same page as the rest of the DHS reservations if your goal is to get VIP Fantasmic seating. They are pretty limited, so you may not get anything to come up that you want for a while- and the odds to get a Minnie Holiday and Dine Fantasmic are even lower than a normal Fantasmic package. At one point Dec 7th was a day we were looking at to tour DHS, but we couldn’t get any Fantasmic dining options to come up that we wanted- so we moved our touring day to a another slow park day later that week. Keep checking though, one might come up for you.

There is no way with a 7:45 ADR that you could get there, wait to be seated, order, eat- then make an 8:30 show. There is already a long line to get into Fantasmic by 7:45 since it starts at 8:30. My guess is the one you obtained popped up because some other family opted to do Fantasmic instead of the character dinner. Fantasmic dinner packages are earlier reservations.

Minnie’s Holiday Dine as a stand alone reservation is pretty hard to get as well- so you have a tough choice to make. You were lucky to get one this late in the game, so I would hold onto your dinner ressie until one comes up that you can cancel and rebook for. Cancellations happen all the time- so with some persistence hopefully something will shake loose for you.

So If I understand what the consensus is…
I ended up with Minnie Holiday Dine which is difficult to get and it means we will get a Character Dinner including Minnie dressed up in Holiday attire?

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Correct. You could also call the dining reservation line to be absolutely certain- but given the time of your ADR doubt it includes Fantasmic. It never hurts to double check, though. Yes, these reservations are hard to come by. Have looked for myself- then after a couple of weeks with no luck we decided to go a different direction. Even after the Osborne lights dessert packages came out none popped up- but a bunch of Fantasmic dinner reservations at the other restaurants did as people switched over to the dessert package.

Yes! You have a very desirable ADR!

@PrincipalTinker, are both packages available on DDP as a table service credit?

Wow, took me a while to find it! This says it is one credit!

thanks @PrincipalTinker, We miss you in April Liners!

Thank you @Smee! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the way you always make me smile!

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I booked a standard dinner package, but then called them to get the dinner booking changed over to a Fantasmic Package. It was easy. They also told me I could inude my dining credit for it. Haven’t been yet, so haven’t tested it, but they’re usually pretty acurate on answering questions.

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I am going that week as well and booked F! Packages for Wednesday 7dec. Of The 3 option restaurants latest they have F! H&V that day is 5 pm. The other 2 are not buffet and thus had an earlier cut off at 3pm, HBD and MM. I had success using res Finder to move my package time at H&V to 5 pm after it was originally 4. Res Finder won’t distinguish a normal Booking availability from an F! One but I knew if it came up after 5pm not to bother looking. Also I just open the MDE to book and go straight to the package link to make sure if you want. Just remember to reset your search as it will assume job done once it has found one even if it wasn’t linked with F! Good luck!