Is my Disney experience down?

Kept saying it has trouble connecting. My internet connection is fine. Is the App down?

I believe everything is down - free dining tends to crash the system as thousands of people try to access it.

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Yup, free dining does it again! Also, check your cookies as that site requires them to be cleared all of the time. pita

Yep Free Dining ATE THE PAGE


Ahhhh… timing… I am trying to get my 180 day ADR. Well, at least it is down for everyone

There was an MDE app update pushed to my phone this morning. I’m not sure if there are technical difficulties related to that update as well.

Yah - I was just trying to do something innocuous like figure out where the guest services locations at Epcot as I need to enter from International Gateway and wasn’t sure if I could access GS from that side or not. Nothing loads. :sob:

There is a great GS at Epcot at the IG!

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Thanks - I was worried I might have to find my way to the front Epcot entrance which would have been awkward. Contemplating how to best activate an AP w/o interrupting our Le Cellier ADR - a GS right at IG should make it pretty easy…

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Mine has been super slow this morning, but it eventually connects. It does keep dropping my room reservations, which is making me nervous about losing my ADRs. I’ve printed out my reservation numbers, but still… I’ve had to re-link the rooms every couple of days.