Is my ADR priority correct?

My booking window opens Tuesday morning for my November 5th-12th trip. I do not have a leading reservation, though I’ve been trying for the last few weeks to snag one, but EVERYTHING is booked up. I’m nervous I won’t be able to get my top priority of Rose & Crown fireworks and Ogas. What are my chances for Rose & Crown, and what should I pivot to if missed?

I think I have my booking priority correct as follows:

  1. Rose & Crown Harmonious dining package on Nov 10th (60+5) (backup to Nov 7th)
  2. Ogas on either Nov 8th or 9th (60+3/4)
  3. Topolino’s breakfast Nov 10th (60+5)
  4. SciFi Dine in Nov 8th (60+3)
  5. Teppan Edo Nov 7th (60+2)
  6. Yak & Yeti Nov 6th (60+1)
  7. Skipper Canteen Nov 11th (60+6)
  8. Mama Melrose Nov 9th (60+4)

I think I have the process down to be up and ready to book at 4:45 central/5:45 eastern and go for the hardest reservations first. My credit card is already saved in MDE, and I’ve got the number memorized as well. It doesn’t seem like there’s a way to add your desired restaurants into a list the way you would your G+ tip board, so is it best to pre-load the desired restaurants and at the time switch to each tab and book?

Rose & Crown dining package might not drop right at 60–I’ve heard people discussing that.

I’m most worried about your #3–that one can be a Unicorn. I would move it to priority #1.

If you don’t get #2 right away, set a (or several) reservation finders (mouse dining, etc.). Oga’s seems to get cancelled a lot–I don’t think you’ll have an issue getting one.

I would reorder as:

Teppan Edo
Rose & Crown (you might even try calling for this one at 60–I wouldn’t call for any of the others)
Yak & Yeti
Skipper Canteen
Mama Melrose

Curious to see what others think about the line-up.


Thanks! the number for reservations opens at 7am, correct?

I believe that’s correct. Of course, look at Rose & Crown to see if it drops–maybe it will on your day.

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One thing I enjoyed doing in the days leading up to my 60+10 was stalking each morning–seeing what was left and what was gone. It gave me a good handle on what to go for. If you enjoy that type of thing, it might be something that will help solidify your list.

Sounds like you’ll be there at a busy time. :crossed_fingers: you get the ones you want!! Please do update and let me know how it goes.

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Calling @lizzieanne771 , I know she just got back. What do you think about this order here?

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I think this order is probably better. I MIGHT flip Oga’s and Teppan Edo. Though to be fair, I had no interest in either, so I’m not positive about how quickly they go.

The R&C package has not been opening up at 60 (and definitely not 60+) so I’d be surprised if that is even showing.

One thing to know with Y&Y is if you don’t get it through Disney, from what I’ve seen online you could always get a Landry’s Card (I think it’s like $25 but you get a credit in that amount) and call them to make a reservation. I’ve seen conflicting info as to if the “front of the line when you flash the card” works at Y&Y since reopening.)


You are going to book online at 6? I am confused about your reference to calling. Will you try to call if you don’t book online or through the app?

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I’ll be ready to book at 4:45am (5:45 Disney time). I’m already up and at work at this time, so no worries about that. If Rose & Crown isn’t available, I’ll call for that only.

Hmmm - is there any consistent timing, or is it kind of a crap shoot?

Been trying that a little bit. I’m usually at work at 5am, so not always easy to break away and stalk :stuck_out_tongue:

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I haven’ seen any pattern to it. I looked occasionally when I checked out other ADR possibilities and either missed it or it never dropped while I was there, but because it’s not a great view it was not a priority for me, so I can’t say it never dropped.

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I’ve been reading mixed reviews on the view, most along the lines of what you said. Waffling hard on whether to stick to it or skip it.

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I opted to do my own thing. I was able to be in the area at the base of World Showcase Lagoon between the two gift shops. Unless there is some kind of party going on, it is open for anyone. And the big advantage is that area slopes downwards slightly, so even if you’re not at the rope directly in front of the stage (that is roped off) you can still have a good view.

Yes, it stormed the night I saw it and it was delayed, but even before everyone sought shelter it was not THAT overcrowded.

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I’ve been doing a stalking project as I get near to my actual travel date. I would not worry about Oga’s. There are TO S available once you’re inside of 48hrs. Sure you’d like to have it and plan around it but you’ll be able to snag one.

That Topolino’s though - as mentioned I would snag that first. R&C also becomes more available the closer you get (though not a package)


I also noticed a surprising amount of availability for Ogas, which is comforting :slight_smile:

Topolino’s is to the top of the list now.


I’d go Sci Fi, Topolinos, then Ogas and the rest. The rest should be easier to get.

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That’s a tough call. I’m fine if we miss SciFi and do 50s Prime Time instead.

Soooo I got everything except the fireworks dining! Super happy overall - thanks to everyone for the tips!

I added in Hacienda during Enchantment, but unsure if we’ll venture out to stand in the crowd to watch it or not - still holding out hope Rose and Crown will come through. I wound up with a boat load some places because I kept getting errors and retyping, not realizing they were booking :rofl: I kept a few Ogas to try and figure best placement for a refreshing break.

Sunday 6 th Animal Kingdom
Yak & Yeti 330p

Monday 7th Epcot
Teppan Edo 1210p

Tuesday 8th Hollywood Studios
Ogas 1120
Ogas 150
SciFi 305

Wednesday 9th Hollywood Studios
Ogas 125
Mama Melrose 630p
Ogas 710

Thursday 10th Epcot
Topolino’s 11a
Garden Grill 6p (most likely to cancel)
La Hacienda 8:15p (waffling)

Friday 11th Magic Kingdom
Skipper Canteen 1240


Great news! I’m glad to see about sci-fi but that’s an off time. You probably didn’t get to see if there was availability for other times?

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Other times were like 850pm. Not ideal but we can snack our way to lunch after a hefty breakfast