Is MVT that good?

I have been hearing a lot about Magical Vacations Travel. I was thinking about seeing if they can beat my price. I just want to make sure they are reputable and that I won’t be messing up my whole trip if I switch to them. I would hate to lose out on the deal I already have if they aren’t. Thanks!!

Yes!!! Reputable. I have a reservation with them right now. Once it processes, it shows up in your MDE. It’s legit :slight_smile:

Yes. After reading about them here, I reached out for an August 2018 trip. The rates are amazing and my agent, Sharon, was very easy to work with. I kept my old reservation until everything was set and reflected in MDE.


Just came back from a MVT vacation Mar 1-14th. Used Darcy and she answered every question I had. Like you I had already book a WDW vacation on-line as I always do. Because of liners out here I decided to e-mail MVT for a quote. They saved me $1000 so I canceled my booking and lost the travel insurance in the process. Saving $1000 was a no brainer and we just got back. Everything on the up and up. Doesn’t hurt to get a quote. I also book their Labor Day special at Poly. Would you believe they saved me $4500 off rack rate? :rofl:

I agree with the previous posters. They’re reputable. I’m using MVT for our upcoming trip and everything has gone well so far. They were able to get me the best rate by far.

I’ve booked numerous trips with them since 2007 or 2008 as have other family members and friends and we have never had a problem. They book my room and tickets and let me handle everything else. They are great to work with. We’ve booked quick trips as a couple and as large as a multi family group with 8 rooms and everything has always been perfect.

For those with MVT experience…Did you wait and book with them when packages were available? The MVT agent I emailed with discouraged me from doing a room only booking. Good advice?

I’ve always just used their discount which is usually a room only. when booking myself or through them I’ve always just done room only as I like the cancellation policy better. Would be interesting to hear other’s thoughts as I’m always open to change.

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What is the advantage to using them versus doing it yourself? I mean, for example I just went to their website, but the “specials” they have listed match exactly what I can get from Disney’s own website.

Interesting. The agent I spoke with did not seem to be down with quoting us for room only and encouraged me to wait until June. Wondering if I should push her on a room only and then I can change if a package is better. We wouldn’t do dining anyway. If we did a package it would just be room and tickets. Hmmmmm.

I have used them for room only and got a great rate. I bought my tickets from Working Advantage which saved me a few more $. Everything worked out great!


I used Sharon as well and found her to be excellent!

I booked a room only. When I got quotes to include tickets they did not seem to offer any savings over Disney prices except for adding a free water parks and more if we were already buying hopper tickets. The room only rate they gave was the best quote I had found. Then I plan to buy my tickets from the Unofficial ticket center.

What agent? I have always only booked room only and there is at least on MVT agent that has advised if you think you are going to upgrade your ticket, you should buy discounted tickets from a discounted seller.

My MVT agent has always automatically checked my reservation against any new Disney discounts as they are released. If it is a better deal (it never has been) she would change my reservation to that deal.

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Jessica. I guess I should have researched on here and picked a specifically recommended agent. Pretty sure I’m stuck now. I emailed her today and asked for a room only quote to compare to the one I got directly from Disney. Hopefully I’ll hear back.

Their “agency exclusives” are the deals you can’t get directly from Disney

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Quoted rates using the Disney discounts are going to be the same as calling Disney yourself. Using MVT agency exclusive discounts will often be better than Disney discounts. And as others have said, they will monitor discounts and upon your confirmation book you the deeper discount if Disney releases them. Maybe it depends on the hotel category. We often use them for Deluxe resorts and get some pretty nice discounts.

did you look at their agency exclusive discounts?

If you requested a quote for a deluxe room only booking from MVT about 400 days out, would you expect them to tell you to wait and see? I’m just wondering why Disney would give me a quote but MVT advised me to wait and see package prices. I having guilt about booking through Disney when I’ve requested the help of an agent (but have been told to wait). I understand I can cancel the Disney booking and wait and see what happens. I have limited experience using a travel agent so I just want to make sure I understand the agent and client responsibilities.

MVT may not have their agency exclusive discounts for that far out. currently on line they just have through 2018 but I’m sure are working on getting them for 2019. that may be why she is suggesting you wait?

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