Is MVMCP worth the extra money?

Hello all! I have posted this same questions on another blog, just hoping to get as many opinions as possible. So, my apologies if you’ve come across this already. My family’s trip is planned for Nov 12-19. We have been many times in the past, but this will be only the 2nd time for my son (age 6). I am just wondering if it’s worth spending the extra money (about $270) for the Christmas party. There will be three parties total during the week we are scheduled, and it kind of puts a damper on things that MK will be closing at 7pm those nights. Anyone else have experience with this with one 6-year old boy? Do you think it’s worth it for the extra hours? Do you think he’ll even have the stamina to stay up that late? I appreciate any input!

It’s a more affordable way to add an MK visit (at night, beginning at 4pm) to your trip than to add a day unless you are doing a long trip. It made good financial sense for us on our last trip in November. And it was a great way to kick off our trip, too. The parade was awesome, and the snow on Main Street was magical :slight_smile:

I suspect if anyone reviewed what we did that night they would say we didn’t get the most bang for our buck. We didn’t spend ANY time meeing characters, rare or otherwise. And we didn’t partake of the cookies.

I have only been to MVVCP once but I would do it again. I would hope that at some point I may say: no- that party is not “worth it” to me- but I cannot ever imagine that happening. If I go again and it is not the same magical experience I had my first time- I may change my mind- but let me tell you about my experience.

My first AP I booked a series of long wekends (2 night trips) and two week long trips. My weekend trips were: May for Flower and Garden; October for Food and Wine and MNSSHP, and December for MVMCP and Christmas decorations. My Devember trip I think was the 10-12th. We went to the Sunday night party- not a sell out- but crazy busy (as a matter of fact EP was busier that day than any F &W weekend crowd). I tried to see the parade in the same spot as the Halloween party and I couldn’t get anywhere near the same spot - it didn’t matter- people camped out near the Hall of Presidents made sure children were in the front- two rows behind sat on the ground, we sat on a ledge, others stood- if a child needed their mom with them we made sure that mom got to the front . The parade was magical. We then moved towards the castle for CTM and FW- CTM started and someone moved in front of someone- the person that no longer could see gasped (it was a reaction)- everyone moved into action- the crowd made sure that person could see. The kindness of the crowd amazed me.

It snowed on Main Street! I was able to see the queue in 7DMT and PP! I had cookies and hot chocolate!

I say yes- if you can- do it!

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For me, no. I don’t really care about M&Gs, and parades are not really my thing either. The lines may be shorter, but that’s not enough for me to cough up the extra bucks.

Thank you so much for feedback! If we do go, I think I will pick a Tuesday evening, as I have read those are the least crowded days.

Since you can get in the park for the party starting at 4:00 pm, you might consider not purchasing a regular park ticket for this day and spend the day somewhere else like Disney Springs until party-time.

Completely concur with @OBNurseNH on this. We used MVMCP as an extra park day above our MYW ticket. Before 4, we slept in, then used our WPF&M entries at putt-putt and DisneyQuest, then went to the party.

Last year, on a whim, I went to MNSSHP as my only park day…did Disney Springs before the party.

I enjoyed MNSSHP more than MVMCP, but I’d do both again.

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I vote yes! We’ve done it a few years now and it’s a tradition every trip. We love the extra Christmas festivities, parade, short wait time on rides, the snow on MS, all of it. :slight_smile:

I am wondering if people feel diffently if they do a party for the Merts and Greets? I do not do M&G during the parties, so I have a lot of time to do rides, shows, the parade and fireworks. Do long lines at M&G impact your party experience?

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We’re going to DW the exact same time as you, Nov. 12-19. To us, this is the best time to go to see the decorations. We’ve been to the party several times over the years and have tried different days including Tuesdays. The Christmas party can be very crowded and I suspect the parties will be crowded this year. It’s been this way the last few years and we decided not to go to the party this year. To us, the money we spend just isn’t worth it. It’s crowded and the lines can be long. In fact, we found the lines longer during the party than they were earlier in the day. With that being said, if you’ve never been then I suggest you do it. The parade is the best part. You’ll hear suggestions to go to the second parade. I guess the word is out, because the second parade has been just as crowded as the first. Even after the second parade the crowd levels never seem to thin out. I suggest with young children you go back to the hotel midday to give children a nap. Don’t plan on doing any early entry on that day. I’ve seen a lot of children at the party sound asleep in their stroller.

Don’t let the party put a “damper” on going to MK. Just plan on getting to MK early and enjoy things before the crowds. You’ll notice MK will get a lot more crowded around 4pm on the party days. When this happens, we leave MK and go to another park. Maybe take the monorail to Epcot. Kids love the monorail. Have fun!!!


Thank you everyone so much! I will keep you updated on my choice! November is SOOO long to wait! :wink:

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We are there the exact same time and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it for us too. We are a family of 5 so that’s almost $450 - YIKES! DH is already concerned about overall cost of trip so I’m not sure I can convince him to spend the extra money.

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If you decide to go to MK PNW party day and NOT do the party, plan on leaving NLT 5:00 - after that Things start getting very crowded and by 6:00 MS is a complete log jam and the lines at the mono and ferry get huge.

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