Is Mexico Pavilion the only one that opens at 11 am now? TP software seems to think so

Hey all - couldn’t find someone talking about this via search, so I’m starting a thread. We’re going to be in EPCOT on Thursday, 11/18. Published park hours are 10 am to 10 pm. I’m finalizing our plan for that day and noticed that the TP software says every other pavilion opens at 10 am but Mexico Pavilion opens at 11 am. Is that actually true? Just wondering, because we’re coming in from International Gateway via the Skyliner, and I was planning to start us off at FEA, then start touring from Mexico Pavilion, clockwise around WS.

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This has never been the case any time I’ve gone to Epcot this year or read about from others. It is probably a glitch.

Thanks - I kind of figured but wanted to check just in case.

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Just as a side note, when the World Showcase opens at 11am, the kiosks located throughout have typically opened between 11am and noon in the past. I tend to plan on starting closer to noon on my around the world trips so that I don’t run into any delayed openings.