Is Memory Maker Worth It Without Character Meet n' Greets? Possible October Share?

So I’m heading down to WDW with my two littles mid-October. The only ride photo I know of that we’ll get is Buzz (we’re only doing MK and AK and the littlest little is only 22 months, so no other thrill ride photos for us). I know there are photo pass photographers in front of the castle and the tree, but I think you can download one picture for something like $15, no?! So if we even get 5 pictures taken we want, that’s still far less than the cost of Memory Maker. Am I missing other implications here?

Separately - anyone heading down in October that wants to share a MM?

We are going right after you I think, 10/17-25 and I would be interested in a share! For 3 families it becomes like $60 which is much easier to stomach!

I’d be up for it but would need it to be more like $30-40, so 5-6 families. Our first park day is October 8th. I also could not manage the thing…I’ve participated in one before but it was almost two years ago and I had lots of time to figure it out. I have zero extra time to coordinate a share this time around!

Okay - let’s see if we can get 1 or 2 more folks to make it worth it for @disneygirlmama. Regardless, @melcort10 this might be the right answer! I managed a share back in January for a group of three of us, so I think I could manage again.

My dates in parks are 10/11-10/13. @disneygirlmama, what are your dates?

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Ok, great! One more family and it’s $42 or two more for $34.

We may be interested. Let me check with the wife. 10/11-10/16.


Sorry. 10/8 is our first park day. :woman_facepalming:t2:

We might be interested! We are in parks Oct 11-17!

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If you see a dad trying to convince 3 boys 8 and under that the ToT is the best ride ever and they should “totally go on it because it’s awesome and they won’t regret it”, say ‘hi’.


Count us in if it’s under $40.

Ha!! We will be doing the same thing! I think I scarred my son for life on ToT. I took him on when he was 4. He’s now 12. I covered his eyes for all of the visual stuff because I thought that would be scarier to him than the actual ride part. As soon as that first drop happened, he was sobbing…all the while I am laughing so hard I am crying and my dad is giggling too. He’s been at Disney once since then and refused to try it. Trying to talk him in to trying again because IT IS the best ride ever. So maybe this time. Need to talk my 9 year old daughter and my hubby into it too. My 14 year old daughter and I will ride it as many times as we can!

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How does the share work? I have managed it for just extended family members on a trip with us but never jointly with people I’m not traveling with.

It probably wouldn’t work for us, but just in case…we’re Nov 2-7 and would love to be in a share. I think from a previous share experience that it all has to be within 30 days and I think we would just make it, but I may be wrong since it’s been awhile since I’ve tried to do this.

So you actually have 45 days from the first photo to download, but we wouldn’t be able to download pictures until the last photos are taken - so that would be asking the early October crew to wait a month, and then we’d only have 2 weeks to download by that point, so I don’t think your dates will work unfortunately, but ask around here or on FB for another group. They’re always happening.

Here’s the link with all the details:

Basically, one person is the “leader” and can set up an account - I already have a dummy account (in my dog’s name) where we all become friends/linked on MDE. Once the last person is out of the parks, we can start downloading.

By my count, we have 5 groups: me, @disneygirlmama, @melcort10, @gganske, and @brinksan. That would equate to $36 per group.

First day in the parks = 10/8
Last day in the parks = 10/17
First photo expires = 11/22
Downloads can be done between 10/18 and 11/22

If you four are on board, I’ll send a private group message with my venmo/paypal/apple pay and will send you an MDE link request (you’ll need to send me the email address associated with your MDE account). We’ll confirm we’re all linked and as of the 18th, I’ll send you all my dog’s log in information, and you can download your own pictures from his account.


We are in! This is awesome!! I didn’t want to pay full price for a bunch of masked photos but also didn’t only want selfies for the whole trip!


Also, Wall-E is my son’s absolute fave Disney movie of all time. EEEEEEVAH!


I just cant stop laughing at this! My dog has an email address we use for spam type stuff!



Question. This is my first share w/non-family. Should I make a dummy account? If I do, will I have issues linking our MBs to this account and still having it linked to my main account?

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