Is memory maker share risky?

From what I understand someone makes a separate MDE account for the share and they put all the people on it. Would this mean that the people who have access to the share also have access to change your fp and Dining reservations? I am always afraid I am going to mess something up on my own account. I would not want to accidentally mess up something on someone elses!

I’ve done it twice with no issues, but both times they don’t give out the share login until everyone is back from their trip. So only the organizer has access and they know not to mess with plans.

Maybe minor risk, but worth it to us for the cost savings.


I’m running one now, and I made an account for another family member who is not going, and linked everyone through that account which everyone will get access to. You can then set it so this account is the owner of the memory maker, but does not have ability to change your plans. The only risk would be someone changing the password, but that would take a special kind of jerk to do that for no reason.


Both the memory maker account and your own account will be set to share photos and show only “shared” plans. Since you don’t share any plans with the members in the group and since you aren’t directly connected to the others you won’t actually see everyone’s plans.

Where it can be a little risky (my understanding not experience) is if for some reason you didn’t use a dummy account as the mm owner. If you didn’t, all the members of the share group would be directly connected to you and you would see all the mm share people in your friends and family and could inadvertently select them when booking FPPs it ADRs thus messing with plans and possibly canceling something by confirming a conflicting plan. Using a dummy account solves that issue though just because you personally are only connected to your party and the dummy account - rather than being connected to your party and 15 other liner family members

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Will you all explain the concept of mm share fully? Not understanding.

It is where several families “share” the cost and use of the MM . I am doing my first one in May.

When you connect as friends on MDE you can see and download each other’s pics. So instead of fronting the cost of memory maker all on your own, you split the cost and connect everyone on MDE, usually using a “dummy account” as the one that owns the memory maker entitlement. The account that had the entitlement can then download all the pictures from everyone’s trips.

but during the trip, or until the main owner downloads, the others have the Disney copyright language over the picture. Why do you need a dummy account? Sorry. just confused.

The dummy account just adds a layer of insulation between the parties. In order for different accounts to share a memory maker, they have to be friends and family of the purchasing account. If the purchasing account is an active account, it will allow the friends and family to potentially mess with plans and vice versa. Since it’s a dummy account which nobody will be using to do any real planning, the odds of accidental mistakes (canceling FP’s or ADR’s for instance) is basically zero.


I did lose a few pictures, this last time we shared, but I think it was because of mistakes on my part.

I was the only one linked on the share. When my husband or son tapped in to save a picture, I assumed they’d get shared properly via my account. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. So, anything that I’d saved got shared with the MM Share group. Anything that anyone else in my travel party saved did not get shared.

I should’ve known better and made sure all of my travel party was part of the share group, before our trip. Other than that, I’ve had no problems with shares in the past!

This is key, and not always easy. Took me a lot of deleting and re-requesting links to get it to work. Linking accounts is not as seamless as it should be.

Yes yes this! If you need to share with someone who does not have their own MDE you have to put in their name with the email account of the MDE account they are under.

We ran into this my first share, but were able to fix it. If it happens, you can contact Disney and have the pics added to your account. You can also connect someone after the fact and as long as you are still within the download window the pictures will show up.

So you don’t have to link to the MM account until you get home?

When in May?? Have room for another family of 4 +1 2yo? :joy:

Check the May MM share. There are four groups. Not sure if they are all full or not. My group has already purchased, so we are not accepting new ones.

Thanks! I posted in there! I it after I commented!! :star_struck:

Technically yes. Preference for most is to do it before to make sure it is all set.