Is MDE working?

Not again… all week!

So disappointing!

Not sure what part isn’t working…

It is working fine for me. You might need to clear your browsing history, or use an incognito tab on chrome.

did all of that this morning still not working.

the ADR system is not allowing me to check ADRs. when it does allow me to check, it won’t give me breakfast as an option for places that I KNOW serve breakfast.

I have tried both Internet Explorer, Chrome, and my iphone app. None are working

Are you on a phone or computer? Oops, see you answered above.

I just tried on my iphone app and computer on chrome, no issue at all. I hope it starts working for you quickly, I know that is frustrating.

MDE appears to be working on my end right now (11am PST / 2pm EST).
I was using it earlier (6am PST / 9am EST) to make FP+ reservations and was pleasantly surprised that the website did not stall on me.
Hope it is working for you when you try again.

Appears to be working again for the time being!

It wasn’t you it was the ADR system - it’s been up and down like a brides nightie!
So glad I gave up and phoned!

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