Is Le Cellier Worth It?

We’ll be in the World this Sept (me and DBF) and I’m trying to pick just one “fancy” (read: expensive) restaurant for the 9 days we’ll be there. I’ve seen good and bad for Le Cellier, and I’d like to try it, but is it really worth the $$? We’re not picky eaters. We’ll also be eating at Boma, hopefully Tusker House for pre-rd breakfast, Raglan Road, and whatever QS and snacks we feel like along the way.

I haven’t been to Le Cellier in so long that my advice would be worthless. But I do love both Boma and Tusker House. They’re so similar that I don’t usually do both in one trip, however, unless Boma will be for dinner. Tusker House for pre-RD breakfast is awesome, I love doing that! I DO recommend California Grill at the Contemporary for a fancy restaurant. Love that place, and so many options!


For our family, yes! We enjoyed the atmosphere, everything we ordered, and the service was excellent.


Good to know about Boma and Tusker House, thanks! Boma will be for dinner (we’ve been before and love it), but maybe I’ll reconsider doing both in one trip.

Breakfast and dinner are different enough that it won’t be repetitive. You’ll be fine either way!

I was unimpressed with Le Cellier when we tried it in 2013 (awhile back now!). I have no plans to do it again. The meat was universally overcooked, the service was incredibly slow, and we did not enjoy the atmosphere which was simultaneously too dark yet weirdly casual feeling. But virtually every restaurant on property gets mixed reviews. So much depends on your expectations and typical restaurant preferences. In my obsessive reading of reviews, Yachtsman tends to get much more consistently high ratings than Le Cellier. Also, Monsieur Paul’s is often overlooked in Epcot - I have not yet tried it, but it tends to get rave reviews and seems like a great option for self-described non-picky eaters.

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I’ve eaten at Le Cellier several times and have had excellent food every time. That being said, in EP Monsieur Paul has better food and a more intimate/upscale atmosphere. I would also rate CG and Jiko as being better.

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We enjoyed Le Cellier very much. I had read the bad reviews but wanted to try it anyway. Maybe my expectations weren’t very high, lol! As far as being worth it, in my honest opinion, I think most restaurants in WDW are over-priced. We tried LC because we had free dining. Are you looking for quality food or overal experience? Sanaa has great food and a great view. I would choose it over Boma.


I also will recommend California Grill as did @willijen . That was the best meal we had on our last trip. And, the location/view is amazing. Outstanding service and it feels very special.

I think LeCellier is ok. There are some dishes they do very well. I would trade my Boma for Jiko and really do something special.

I much prefer the yachtsman steakhouse (less than 15 minutes walk from Epcot) - steaks have always been excellent there. Our favourite expensive restaurant is California Grill

Thanks for all the input! Looks like I’ll be researching more menus!

If you are looking for a FINE dining experience - I would skip the parks and do one at one of the resorts. JIKU at AKL is spectacular. I would probably also go with Yachtsman or LeCellier. A nice, and NOT as expensive experience would be lunch at Chef’s de France. The food is good and the setting is very nice. There is also a much lesser known is Monsieur Paul (which is on the 2nd floor). Most people don’t even know it exists. It is upscale and a treat. Only open for dinner - however is quite expensive. It isn’t dinner - its a dining.

Last trip we ate at Citrico’s, HBD, CG, Le Cel, M. Paul’s, Artists Point, and Narcoossee’s. On a previous trip we ate at FF and Jiko. For overall experience, it’s hard to beat CG; it was our favorite overall. But based solely on food and service, we both agreed that M. Paul was the best of the group. V&A Chef’s table was a totally unique experience and can’t really be compared to anything else…

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Wow! That’s the dream list for dining! I’m going to put M.Paul’s on our must-do list for next time.

I’ve eaten at Boma and Tusker House and while both are delicious and expensive, they are not fancy or romantic. When my husband I visit the World without kids or grandkids, our favorite couples restaurant is Citrico’s. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is definitely for adults, not kids.

We love LC but we also love the Filet at CG and YC … all very similar in quality in my sparkly humble opinion.

We loved LeCellier so much that we actually went two times this past trip. On our last day in Epcot, we didn’t have anything booked so I checked LeCellier and we were able to get in. We’re foodies so we always try to hit at least California Grill (Amazing), Flying Fish, Artist Point and some others. :smile:

Like others have mentioned, you will get mixed reviews from everyone. One person may hate a place while others love it.

If you were only to do one, I might do California Grill based on the location (get to watch fireworks from the balcony) and the food is great. Their steaks are really good too.

My suggestion is to look over the menus and make a decision on what appeals to you…

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