Is Kilimanjaro safari better than the zoo?

We have a membership at the New Orleans zoo and go several times a year. It’s large and have lots of animals. So I’m wondering if Kilimanjaro safari will be worthwhile for us. I saw a youtube vid and it seemed more riding than animal viewing. What do you think?

1st time we went and the animals were more active,this time…kinda boring. My sis wanted to do this,and she even thought our zoo(milw.wi.) was better. Our driver sucked too,like he was bored.

@karlan29 The YouTube vid was uneventful too. Fast forwarded hoping to see something good but not much there.

I don’t know anything about the NO zoo… but if it’s a good one than no, Kilimanjaro Safari is not better than your zoo.

Yes, tt’s a nice zoo, we saw a wildebeest chasing a rhino once. So the safari is off the touring plan.

Thanks for your feedback.

The zoo is better imo, especially a well funded city zoo.

I can spend an entire day at the zoo and not get bored (If I can do my own thing that is), but I cannot bring myself to enjoy the animals at Disney. For me Disney is about the rides and the shows, not the animals, well that does not include Mickey and friends.

If I go to animal kingdom, it’s multiple rounds on Expediation Everest.

Sorry all, but that is just me.

we live in St louis and are very lucky to have a great free zoo. My kids hated AK. Partially our fault as we went there first day at RD and my DS 5 and DD 6 really wanted MK as that is what they think is Disney. I also thought the safari was boring and not as good as out zoo. I will probably never get them to go back.

I used to love zoos, but as I get older I’m more and more disturbed by the idea of keeping the animals so confined – even in larger zoos like the Bronx (NYC) or Washington DC. I realize I may be fooling myself, but I enjoyed Kilimanjaro Safari and Pangani and Maharaja at AK so much more than other zoos because the animals had (or seemed to have) so much more room to roam and move. Plus the theming is magnificent. I certainly love the rides at WDW, but AK is a different experience entirely – more serene and even educational! – and became a favorite of ours last trip. When we return this fall we plan to spend 2 days at AK for just that reason!

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ps. Go on KS first thing in the am when animals are more active. In answer to your question, KS is more about the animals than the ride I think.

I know that whilst I’m there I’m supposed to immerse myself, but I spent the whole time thinking “I’m not in Africa and I’m not about to be shot by poachers. Come on?!” I didn’t think it was that great, but then we live between a really good safari park (saw a giraffe being born one visit) and a really good zoo.