Is Kali River Rapids still closed on 2/15?

The TP FPP calendar is listing Kali River Rapids as closed on 2/15. I thought it was supposed to re-open on 2/11. Does TP know something that AllEars doesn’t? or is it a mistake? It’s one of my sons’ favorites, so it would be sad if it were closed when we’re there.

If you look at mde although it is not listed as still being in refurb on that day wdw doesn’t have operating hours for it listed either. Until wdw publish its hours I don’t think tps will allow you to add it. This is incase refurb is extended.

WDWMagic is reporting that it is scheduled to reopen on Feb 12th…

Thanks everyone. Sounds like I should just hope for the best and keep checking back :slight_smile: