Is it worth trying for FPP during EMH

Hi all

Working on my plans and I’m confused about whether or not to try for FPP during early morning EMH? I wonder if perhaps it’s worth trying some of them more popular rides and saving the FPP for when the parks are open to all.

I’m curious across all parks with this, but should my strategy differ across parks?

Thanks in advance

Fastpasses only start during normal park hours, not EMH.

During EMH you can do certain rides, be careful to check which ones are open during EMH. Then book fps for later, around 10/10:30.

At MK for instance, anyone who didn’t manage to get a fp for 7dmt tends to go straight there.

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Thanks @Nickysyme really appreciate that. Makes planning a lot easier now :slight_smile:

Are there FPP during evening EMH? Or just less lines?

There are not FPP during EMHs.