Is it worth doing MMRR now without the pre-show for a first time?

Given that I changed my summer resort, the possibility exists to go to Studios on my last day since I don’t have to do everything in the park.

I’ve heard that you miss a lot of the set-up for MMRR now with no pre-shows. It would be my first time going on it. Is it worth it for a first-timer on the ride without the pre-show? Or should I wait until a future trip where things like pre-shows are hopefully back up?

As someone who has seen the preshow, I think you will enjoy the ride w/o it. There is a lot of fun in the main ride that makes it worth it every time. I think I’ve only seen the preshow once since this all began and I don’t even remember it… that might say more about me than the preshow :wink: though

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I didn’t even realize I was missing anything when I rode last month. And I LOVED it.


Then go back and ride when the preshow comes back.


It’s an amazing preshow & really sets the tone for the ride. Do you “need” to see it - not really. It’s a great ride either way

However, if I had an AP or something and 100% knew I’d be back ASAP I might wait if I could. (Of course that’s easy for me to say since I’m not actually there!)

For example - I haven’t been on RotR yet. I will not go until all the preshows & effects are back to normal & the Plexiglas dividers are gone. I’m going to wait even though it’s been so hard!!


Ride it.
You won’t miss it- it’s a great ride without the pre-show.

I don’t remember the preshow to RotR either??? and if you are held up the CM do a GREAT job still

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Remember most Disney and Universal Rides have POV videos on YouTube. We have watched a few of the rides we know we won’t fit on in UOR so we won’t have those “holes” in our WWoHP experience. We will just do the queues etc.At Disney we are being careful to not spoil RotR for ourselves but have watched FOP with pre-show since we don’t know if we will be able to fit. Other than that, I’ll make note of which rides are skipping pre-shows and we can watch them on our phones etc.

This has really helped any FOMO that we might have.


The preshow at FOP, IMHO, is the worst! It’s so long & dull. I understand it’s that long as a device to break up the queue wait & assist loading, but uugghhh… do I wish I could skip it.

I went to a DAH at AK in 2018. I got to ride FOP 4 times back-to-back. After 10pm, there were usually only 4 - 5 people TOTAL riding FOP. They still made us watch it! :roll_eyes::crazy_face:


But if there’s no preshow, how do you know that you’re going to, uh, fly?


I hate POV videos. I want to experience things for myself. Universal is a non-issue for me since I will not support them as a portion of the ticket sales (regardless of if you do the HP stuff) goes to JKR who I refuse to give any money to.

As for FOP, I’m pretty sure they still have a test seat you can try.

We will be riding RotR in any form it is in. We are both huge Star Wars fans. We want to come back to WDW together in less weird times, but we don’t know what the future holds for my husband so we need to make the very best of what’s available. We will likely find a POV for RotR AFTER we have ridden it or if we don’t get a BG either of the 2 days we have reservations.

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I am torn about MMRR.

To say that I am not a fan of the Ren & Stimpy style of animation Disney has been using for the shorts this is based on is an understatement. I’m afraid that the animation will be too disturbing for me to enjoy the ride. :cry:

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I actually find the animation on MMRR improved from the actual shorts - maybe its the more 3D aspect of the ride that makes the animation more palatable than the shorts.


There’s a pre-show??? Had no expectations going into it and thrill seeking family LOVED it. It’s so great!

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See that’s how I felt when I learned that there is a preshow!

I haven’t been on it yet (obviously given the question), but I have heard some people say that the pre-show kind of set some things up.

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It does… However, like most attractions, it doesn’t have a deep plot. You get the idea of what is happening when you board.

If I was in your shoes, I would watch only a portion of a YT vid that showed the entrance & full preshow.

I only get to go to Orlando every year or two. If I was going now and knowing I’d not be back for a while I’d go ahead and watch it so I have a “full” ride experience.

Here’s a good full video of the preshow & ride. If you only want the preshow stop at the 2:00 mark


When we were there 2 weeks ago, when you’re walking through the preshow area, sometimes a CM briefly explains the plot that would normally be covered in the pre-show. Now, we rode 3 times and the CM only did this twice, so it’s inconsistent at best.

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Thank you!

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