Is it worth bringing a laptop/tablet into the park for FastPasses?

I’ve been a big fan of TouringPlans and have learned a lot about maximizing Fast Passes from the site and the forums. One of the things I’ve noticed is that the smartphone experience of the Disney App and the full website each have their own pros and cons when it comes to FastPass. For example, I think it’s a bit faster to grab a FastPass from the app, but the full website offers more options for modifying that FP to another ride. My theory is that something like an LTE-enabled Microsoft Surface would be very helpful for finding same day FP drops.

Anyone else think this might be a good idea?

goodness no

use a phone. if need be, use the website through your phone’s internet browser.

I would absolutely not bring anything of size into the park for this purpose


While I try to bring my Boy Scout “Be Prepared” mentality to my WDW visits, I try to keep everything in cargo shorts, instead of a bag. I get through screening faster & don’t have to lug anything around all day or hold it between my legs on rides.

I’m never one to say don’t do something, but this seems like more than I’d want to manage.

Have you considered just practicing with your phone & the app to see how the FPP system works? You can also watch a variety of YouTube videos - including Touring Plans that will show you how to navigate MDE via your phone.


I would never do this - seems like a hassle for something you can do on your phone, but to each his own. A small tablet that fits in a backpack or bag that you already need for something else wouldn’t be a problem. If that’s your preferred way to get FPP, go for it.

I don’t see people there with anything that big.

I agree that it seems a little cumbersome, but I’ve typically been bringing in a backpack anyway. The Surface Go is a 10" screen and it’s just over 1 lb, so I don’t think I’d notice it in my backpack. Here’s a couple screenshots of why I’m considering it. First, here are the options from the app when I modify a FP:

Now, here are the options on the website:

From what I’ve read, and experienced myself, there seems to be a better chance of finding a FP if you already have one. I’m mainly thinking about FP 4+ on the same day.

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I went last September with a party of 10. Only used a phone. Scored SDFP for FoP with it. Multiple SDFP drops for other less in-demand rides, modified multiple times. Phone works fine.

Just be prepared if you were to drop the surface, get it more wet than anticipating or even get it stolen, then are you ok with that? if not, then don’t bring it.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’m a geek and probably looking for a reason to bring another device on the trip, but it probably doesn’t add enough value to justify it. If anyone has experienced otherwise I’d love to know.

So log into the website through your phone browser


Don’t let an expensive laptop or tablet get rained on if you bring one. I don’t think there are many waterproof ones out there… maybe with a good case?


Looking at these grabs it kind of looks like you are in just two different places. When I click to modify on the app, I get to a screen like this

Too me it is quite similar to the website and actually better, imho, because it is easier to flip between times and refresh… essential in snagging SDFP.

In my grab, I would be able to scroll down and look for other FPPs available if I wanted to choose a different attraction all together.

What type of phone are you on? Maybe that is why it looks different?

I wouldn’t want to risk my laptop/tablet getting wet in the Florida storms. I can easily put my phone in a ziplock bag, can’t do that as easily with computer or tablet. Plus, the more you take in the more can be forgotten or stolen. Phone is best for touring plans and fast passes. This is because you will probably be picking them up while standing in line. Do you want to be holding surface in line? Just seems cumbersome.

Thought about that too - I am so often doing FPPs on the go while being guided by my travel partner or in line etc

Do you have a laptop that is small enough and sturdy enough to take that kind of beating? I don’t. I have a phone that does just fine. The app is as reliable as the web version, but the wifi is flaky, which is another reason to leave the laptop at home.

If you don’t have a phone, and you have a mini tablet, that would work, but you’ll have to be careful with it, for sure.

I saw kids playing with tablets in lines. It wouldn’t be that unusual. I personally wouldn’t want to carry it.

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Another option is the in-park kiosks. People have reported good results using them if something is not showing in app.

Not saying it’s necessary in the park, but people bring tablets and laptops to pretty much anywhere these days, not a big deal if you’re sensible about it. My wife has a habit of taking her small 13" laptop everywhere she goes (she occasionally needs it for urgent work stuff, yes sometimes on holidays too…) and it travels in her small weather proof backpack with a padded pocket. Unless you sink it in water or drop it from somewhere high, it’ll be fine.

That said, I concur with those saying you should be able to achieve the same things on your phone. Bur if you’re more comfortable with the tablet and you have means to carry it around safely, why not

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