Is it weird

that I made 11 ADRs this morning, but only got 8 e-mail confirmations? All 11 show up in MDE and I printed the confirmation page for each reservation. Do you think I need to be concerned?

No, if they all show in MDE I wouldn’t worry at all.

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Might not be a bad idea to make a record of the confirmation numbers. :slight_smile:

Although I’ve never had a problem, I always include my confirmation number on my spreadsheet, and sometimes I make a separate “note” on my phone for easy access.

Great ideas! Thank you. I will make sure to do so.

When I made my ADRs I only got one email with all my ADRs in it just keep scrolling down.

I pull my ADR’s up on MDE and take a photo with my phone of the screen with the date, time, and confirmation number.