Is it too much? What ADRs would you eliminate?

I’ve pared this down as far as I can (from about 30 ADRs). Please give me your honest input - I will take any and all input and use it to help finalize my dining choices. I will be going in October with my DS17. He’s open to anything, and he and I discussed all options and got it down to this list.

Day 1:

  • Crystal Palace 10:20 (never been; love Pooh characters)
  • Skipper Canteen 4:30 (never been)

Day 2:

  • Hollywood and Vine 10:00 (never been; planning to arrive for 6:00am opening, so think two ADRs this day will be a good idea)
  • Hollywood Brown Derby 4:25 Fantasmic! Package (never been)

Day 3:

  • Tiffins 11:50 ROL Package (never been)

Day 4:

  • Be Our Guest 9:20 (never been)
  • Coral Reef 6:00 (been before, I know it doesn’t get great love here, but it’s sentimental, because my son took me here for Mother’s Day brunch using his gift cards when he was in 4th grade, and I’m afraid if I don’t go this trip, it will be torn down before I get back)

Day 5:

  • Garden Grill PPO (never been; want to RD Soarin’)
  • Restaurant Marrakesh (never been)

Day 6 (no park/water park in am):

  • Raglan Road 6:00 (never been)

Day 7 (no park except MNSSHP):

  • Grand Floridian Café 1:50 (never been) before MNSSHP

Day 8:

  • Yak & Yeti 2:15 (favorite restaurant from first trip)

Day 9:

  • Garden Grill PPO (second time this trip to RD Soarin’)
  • Teppan Edo 4:30 (never been, but love this type of restaurant)

Day 10:

  • 50’s Prime Time 10:45 (want to give it another try, not memorable first trip, a second long 6:00am arrival HS day)
  • Hollywood and Vine Seasonal Characters 6:30 (second time this trip, great opportunity for characters in costume pictures)

Day 11:

  • Liberty Tree Tavern 11:15 (never been; want to try the salad)
  • Be Our Guest 5:25 (MNSSHP night, so will walk out during the party)

Day 12:

  • Rose and Crown 12:30 (never been)

I also have a dessert party planned on day 8.

The only thing that strikes me is that some of your mealtimes seem close together.

During my trip in December I learned that WDW meals are huge and filling. A number of times I was on my way to dinner, still full from lunch.

This effect is made worse if you have snacks. As I was on the DDP, I was having snacks.

So I’ve tried to leave eight hours between meals. I aim for breakfast at around 10.30, and dinner not before 6.30pm.


The only one that really strikes me is your 9.20 BOG. That’s prime touring time.

I also wouldn’t personally do the same breakfast twice, but if you’re fine with it, go for it.

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I think your amount of ADRs looks great. Whose in your group? I like TS, unfortunately it was too much sitting for my 2 year old… so we could really only do one a day.

I think your plan looks great. Would love to know your favorites after your trip!


Ah saw you said DS 17. Yes enjoy all of those restaurants…

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I am a little worried about your HS days - starting at 6 am with two ADRs and staying until dinner at 6 pm seems too tiring. I would drop one of the Hollywood&Vine and one of the Garden Grill breakfasts.

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If you have the money & energy for this plan, I say do it! If you are a person who prioritizes the dining at Disney this will be a fun and delicious plan.


I second this.


Also, are on DDP? I saw a report on chat today that GG breakfast is now $52 just so you’re aware.

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I would only do 1 ADR meal per day. I would definitely drop Day 1 Skipper (as you really want to see Pooh), Day 2 H&V, Day 4 BOG (cuts into prime touring time), and Day 10 50’s.

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I agree. Day 1, 2 and 11 seems tight.

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I saw today (I think on chat) that the $52 is the price for Eat the Beat package at GG. So it turns out it did not go up the huge amount that was mentioned yesterday.


Just my opinion, but we did Hollywood and Vine with toddlers on our first trip…characters were fun, but the food was AWFUL! The only thing that saved it was the desert bar at the end…felt like I spent $200 for a Golden Coral quality buffet. With just you and a 17 yo, there is no way i can recommend this once, let alone twice…


I have to agree with @jeremy.dmiller. Hollywood and Vine does not have good food–I can’t imagine eating there twice on one trip (once was bad enough).


I also have to agree with @jeremy.dmiller. We almost always to H&V but only because our littles love DIsny Jr. (we have a 14 year age difference between our oldest and youngest so we always have littles)
The food is not good by WDW standards and it has never been relaxing.
If you want pictures with Minnie’s gang I might just keep that reservation. I would not do the breakfast.


We actually enjoyed the food at H&V dinner - maybe we hit it on a good day :joy: - and the character interaction was amazing, the best we had at any character meal.

I can see you wanting the air conditioned break at 10 after a 6am start, but if I could think of anywhere else that did a TS breakfast I’d have suggested going there instead. On the other hand, it’s pretty hard to mess up breakfast.


I should have also added to my OP that he wants to see characters. I’m thinking that ADRs might be a good way to do this.


I agree with @mousematt and @PrincipalTinker that you have some very close together. I wouldn’t do two H&V or two GG, unless you really liked the food.

Raglan Road is our absolute favorite restaurant ever, so I think that is a good choice.

I, personally, love Coral Reef. We also love Crystal Palace, and Tiffins.

We didn’t really care too much for Rose and Crown; perhaps it’s because we had very bland food off their allergy menu. We weren’t that impressed. I didn’t like HBD at all. Too pricey with snooty waiters for our taste. Others here love it. It’s so subjective, though.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking - it’s hard to screw up breakfast. And, my DS17 eats a lot (A LOT), so buffets might be a very good value for us.


Yes I like buffets, DS14 never stops eating!