Is it safe to wait until Feb/Mar to buy April Easter week tix?

The Ticket Calculator tells me that tix for 6-days single-park daily around Easter week for my family can be had for a little over $3000, or a little less for 5-days plus a water park day. Haven’t decided which option yet, partially because I’m flying Southwest and could easily add another day if I catch a good price. Staying offsite.

Can I expect that the ticket prices for my Easter week scenarios to not fluctuate much over the next several weeks? Or is there risk by waiting? If I had to choose now, I’d do 5-days + water park. Thanks!

For several years in a row, WDW increased ticket prices in February or March.

In 2021, there was no price increase, but the average cost of tickets rose because more dates fell into higher tiers:

Takeaway: you could wait, but there is a decent chance that a price increase will go into effect sometime in February or March, so the earlier you book the less likely you’ll pay the higher rate.

I’d worry slightly more about park reservations than ticket prices. You might be able to get something each day, but maybe not the park you want. Especially risky without Hoppers, but the 2:00 hopping makes that less appealing anyway.