Is it possible to exit every queue?

Sorry if this is covered somewhere, I couldn’t locate anything.

We are a group of four adults. One of us is not good with thrill rides, such as Space Mountain and Expedition: Everest. She knows the rest of us are really excited about these rides and is fine with waiting while we experience them. I’m obviously going to be doing my best to maximize our fast passes so that she’s not left alone browsing the gift shop for half the day.

But my question is, do all rides have a place where you can say to a cast member, “I no longer want to go on this ride” and they can help you get back out? I know there’s one for Tower of Terror, because we utilized that on my last trip. I’d just like to know if there’s a long wait, if she wants to stand in line and be with the rest of the group and then step out of line before riding, is that possible?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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Short answer. A bit longer answer is that you can, but keep in mind that where the exit is might still result in a longish wait. On Space Mountain, for example, where you exit is right after you get into the big room where you board the rockets…but there is still a wait ahead for those still in line (could be 20 minutes). So, she should be prepared in such cases.

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Already answered, but I wanted to throw my hat in the ring. I’m a former Ops person, not Disney - but still multiple major theme parks.

Every ride has this because about every 3rd ride cycle someone gets to the front & changes their mind or get scarred. There’s always an easy way to be released.


Thank you for the replies, I figured it had to be the case, but knowing our party, she’s not going to want to cause trouble.


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You could also get some different FP for that person, for a ride nearby that’s more to her liking. It’s easy to change FP for part of the party but not all.