Is it possible to do a park a day?

We are going to be staying at royal Pacific so will have the express passes and trying to work out a plan for our weekend at universal. 2 adults and almost 3 year old
We are planning on checking out of Disney very early on the Friday and getting Uber over. Dump bags and pick up passes…
What’s the best plan of attack to get round IOA, studios and volcano bay??
We are flying home to the UK so will be only a half day or so on the Sunday (haven’t worked out what time we need to leave for airport but it’s an overnight flight…)
Know there isn’t many rides for the toddler. We are thinking of splitting up. One adult goes and does rides whilst the other entertains the toddler and then swap over.
We were there last year for a day but it was awful weather and we hardly did anything. Want to do the big rides, Harry Potter etc…
Oh, we will be there 4th-6th October

I have done both parks in one day without a toddler and without an express pass so I think you’re fine with an express pass. Have a great time!

You are going to have a park hopper? I am asking because of your title.

Yes we have park to park tickets

Great thanks

Weather permitting, that’s easily enough time with the EPs.

My strategy is to do WWOHP as soon as I see sunshine. It’s an outdoors thing. There’s loads of indoors stuff when it rains. If you can be bothered to trudge between them.

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With park to park passes and EP we had more than enough time!!!

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You should have plenty of time. The crowd levels are usually low in early October. Your main concern should be Halloween Horror Nights. This closes USF at 5pm on your dates. This is a separate paid event and I don’t imagine you want to take your child to see.

Are you definitely going to Volcano Bay? That might be where you don’t have enough time. You schedule is really for about 2 ½ days – maybe less depending on your Disney check-out and airport departure times.

Having the Express Pass is going to be a giant time saver and should allow you to ride everything you want to do. Do take into account having a toddler with you is going to necessitate a break at some point in your days.


I’d suggest going to USF on day one and do as much as you can / want before 4pm. Since this is the offseason, you really don’t need to “rush” to the Wizarding World – especially with the EP as there is only one ride in Diagon Alley. I love the Wizarding Worlds, but they are really just a giant shopping & dining complex. It’s the most immersive theming of any theme park, but if you aren’t there to shop & eat you can explore them quickly.

Then, if you and your toddler still have energy hop onto the Hogwarts Express to IOA to end the day. Be aware starting about 4:15pm – 4:30pm the queue for the train jumps way up as everyone is doing the same thing! (I’ve walked to the other park in 15 minutes, but without children. I don’t want to wait in a 40+ queue for the train. It does have a great show, which is different each way, so it’s worth seeing for the first time.)

You can either stay in the Wizarding World / Hogsmeade at IOA or leave it for tomorrow in order to see other things. (I’d suggest leave and go do water rides. ALL the boat / water rides in IOA leave you soaked!! This way you can enjoy these and just leave the park to go dry off.)


If you are an early riser, go to whichever park Universal opens for early admission. They usually only keep one park open for early hours each day. They won’t publish which one until midsummer or later. The only areas open for the early hour is, basically, the Wizarding World. So you can spend this hour looking around while it’s even slower. Then go / stay to IOA and spend the day there. There are more rides at IOA. This includes Seuss Landing which your toddler may love!

LAST DAY (1/2 Day)

This is your choice. You can go to anything you haven’t seen or want to ride again without an EP. OR This could be your Volcano Bay time, but beware it probably won’t be open until 10am. Not sure what time you have to go to the airport.

This is just my opinion / “plan of attack”. Hope it helps!


Sorry I didn’t log back in for ages. Thanks so much for your reply, very helpful

I was thinking along these lines but husband is thinking volcano bay on the Friday. I think that’s a waste so will try and persuade him otherwise!

If you have a few hours and really want to do Volcano Bay, it’s pretty fun. The weather is usually in the 70s and rain chances aren’t too bad in October. IMHO - It’ll just depend on whether or not your husband feels like you have to “do it all” and if your package includes Volcano Bay. (I might not pay for it if I couldn’t get a whole day or felt rushed.) Have Fun!