Is it possible to buy 11 day tickets?

I’m looking on MDE and Undercover Tourist and I’m only seeing an option to buy tickets for up to 10 days. Are 11-day tickets available?

Not in the US. For more than 10 days you have to get an AP.

In the UK we can get 14 and 21 day tickets.

Thanks @missoverexcited. That’s a bummer. It’s a big jump from the 10 day price to the AP price. I wonder if there is some way around this. If there is, I’m sure someone on this forum will know!

You could look at the water park and more tickets. For each park day you get a wp or minigolf credit these tix are valid for 14 days frim first use

I was about to say this! We always do a waterpark.

So in theory we could go to the theme parks for 10 days then to the water parks for the next 4 days? Can you go to the water park in the morning then the theme park in the afternoon?

Yes Here is how it works. You decide how many park days you want and if you want to hop between the 4 theme parks on those days. If hopping between theme parks you need the waterparks fun and more hopper if not its wpf&m.
For every theme park day you purchase you get an entry credit for a wp minigolf and Disney Quest while it remains open. These are entry credits which are not the same as daily entry.
Examples of how this works
You go to Blizzard Beach in the morning do minigolf in the afternoon then visit Disney Springs at night to do DQ. This will use 3 credits.
You Do both waterparks in 1day will use 2 credits.
You do waterpark in morning then go to MK. This uses 1 credit and 1day park entry.

You need hopper to hop between theme parks but not to use multiple credits on 1day.
All entries and credits are on 1 ticket which is valid for 14 days inc 1st day. So you do not need to visit Theme parks all in a row you can break it up. Personally I can’t do more than 3 days in parks before having a non park day.
So for 14 days I would do days 4 8 and 12 at waterparks or minigolf etc. You can mix it up whatever way you want.


Thank you so much @mumcalsop! Your explanation is perfect.

I thought I read somewhere that Disney Quest is closing this year. Is that right? Will anything replace it on the WP and more tickets?

That was the word but I think Disney kind of hushed that project because of the lack of tenant. There were originally plans to replace it with an NBA Experience but my understanding is that fell through so for now, I believe DisneyQuest will remain open. If you’re planning on visiting next year, that could change. Nothing is every concrete with Disney unfortunately.

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You also likely read that Disney Quest was closing LAST year too. So it’s hard to say if it will in fact close and what if anything will replace should DQ in fact go away…

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