Is it possible that dessert parties are no longer a thing?

Yeah, yeah, I’m just being impatient, but . . . there are still no dates in June for the HEA dessert parties, and there aren’t even any dates in May for the FEA dessert parties.

Surely Disney knows if they’re running them or not? Why not open up the reservations?

It’s very frustrating!

Also — what’s going on with Fast & Furious at UOR? It’s supposed to be opening in “Spring 2018”. It’s nearly April. No information. Surely they know what’s going on?

They just like to make it fun for you. Like the way they don’t finalise hours until a couple of weeks before, despite forcing you to choose ADRs 6 months before.


I think the chances that Disney is turning away from an opportunity to slide a for more dollars out of your pocket with the dessert parties are asymptotically approaching zero. I still haven’t decided which one, if any I want to do so maybe it’s a positive that WDW is slow in this area…


Yeah, but they’ve got car park money now. They’re swimming in cash. I heard the bank vaults are having to be rebuilt to hold it all.


I called Disney World about this yesterday. The CM I spoke with said they have not released dates past Memorial Day but as far as she knows they will still have the dessert parties. So we shall see…

I’m checking for dessert parties 3 or 4 times per day… now I have to check for dinner during MNSSHP party…

I just checked and the FEA dessert party now has availabl dates for May and June… unfortunately it did not show any available times for my week in May. ahh well, we’re doing plenty of other stuff…

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I don’t believe them.

I checked every day of my vacation during the last week in June and the system claimed there was no availability on any day. Given that the dates have only just become live, I don’t believe they’ve all instantly booked up.


If you check the week before Memorial day weekend… availability every night. Check starting on Memorial day, availability no nights…

But, maybe this is the first step towards loading them in.

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FEA dessert parties now bookable.

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I can’t decide whether to do the FEA party or not… we have a 745 ADR at spice road table, and I was thinking of just watching from there… but then the FEA party would offer outdoor seating (and the all important boat ride for DD5 and DD9)

I was going to say that the HEA party is the best — but that’s because of HEA, not because of the party. The dessert bit is super-crowded. The viewing area is fine, but you’re standing.

The FEA party is arguably the best in party terms. You get a table, it’s all nicely laid out. You can sit down. The view is fantastic. And you get to ride FEA.

Which is why I decided to book it again. It just takes away a lot of planning stress. No worry about where to find a spot for IllumiNations. No stress with FPP for FEA when all the decent rides at Epcot are in the top tier so you can only pick one. You buy yourself a seat on FEA, then use FPP for Soarin’. Easy.

The cakes and booze are a bonus, but not the main reason for making the booking.

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Good thoughts, thanks. I am going to book the HEA party for sure… so, just thinking this might be fun too!

Oh, and FEA is even better than an FPP because the ride is closed by the time you get there, so you literally walk straight on to the boat.

It’s expensive, but — are we allowed to say this on here? — fuck it, it’s only money. Can’t take it with you. Besides, the way things are going, there’ll be a nuclear war before the end of the year, so may as well enjoy yourself while you can!


LOL. I was just thinking yesterday how no one ever swears on the forum.

Oops. The forum is certainly a much more civilised place that the Lines app.

Hopefully people will think my swearing is just me being charmingly British. Some words are swear words in English but not in American, so I can sometimes get away with using those. But the f-word doesn’t really have a safe alternative. And it’s just so darned expressive. (“Darned” is OK, right? That works the other way. It’s a swear word in American, but not in English.)


“bugger” it’s only money just doesn’t have the same cache…

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So funny!! Believe me, I do not judge!

The British do have a way of making swearing seem more comical than offensive. I’ve been known to throw out a “feck” to give the term a softer feeling to the ears of those nearby.

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