Is it normal for official park hours to be released AFTER the 180 day ADR date?

I noticed I’m going to have to make my ADRs pretty much based solely on projected hours that Touring Plans “guesses” will be right. At the rate Disney is releasing official park hours, it will be two weeks after my ADR date that they are announced.

Being the type A, OCD person that I am, that’s driving me batty. I’ve spend hours carefully choosing my park days and ADRs, etc, and to have to change them AFTER I’ve gotten those hard-to-get ADRs is kind of a bummer.

Yes, it’s normal. You need to grab some extra ADRs, at different times, for a backup plan, in case hours change. Then, cancel the ADRs you won’t need, prior to your trip.

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and, btw, it’s not just park hours that can mess up your dining schedule. They may change entertainment hours; add or take away a show or parade with little notice, which can affect your TP…which can affect your dining plans. Or close your restaurant for refurbishment just before your visit.

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What is your stay date? WDW has hours released through September, and they were released around Feb 12, well in advance of the 180 day window.

I didn’t see them on the official site, I found them through other means, though. Thanks!

They just revised some days in March. That should answer your question.