Is it hot at Beauty and the Beast?

Personally, I would love to watch Beauty and the Beast and I got Fast Passes for it for our upcoming trip. DS is 5 and DD is 2. I am not sure how they will like it. I just read that it is outside, so it will probably be hot and humid in August…that doesn’t sound too fun, right? Or is it not bad since it’s in the shade?

I did not Fast Pass Toy Story and planned to get to HS at rope drop and go straight to ride Toy Story. My touring plan is showing a 20 minute wait.

WWYD - would you wait until our next trip in a couple years for Beauty and the Beast? Or should I keep my plans as is?

I think you will probably have to play it by ear. See how your family is dealing with the heat. The truth is August in Florida is hot. Very, very, VERY hot. The shade will help a little bit but it’s still hot and humid, so it feels a bit like your breathing underwater. As to whether you should go just depends on how you handle the heat. It’s not going to be any hotter than anywhere else in the park and you’ll be sweating buckets regardless of where you are so if you really want to see it I don’t think there is a reason to skip it. I’m not sure you’d need a FP for it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone complain that the standby line didn’t all get in.

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The FP has a reserved section in the middle of the theater but honestly there were plenty of seats and close to the show time even the FP section was opened to standby (December 2015 and May 2016). If you have something else you might want to use the FP on it is worth considering switching to another attraction. As @Outer1 said it will be very hot!

We did the first show of the day last year (Dec 2915) and the theatre wasn’t crowded. I wouldn’t waste a fast pass on this either.

We were there a week ago on a hot day and went to a show in the hottest part of the day but it was ok. Despite being outside, it is all in the shade. You probably do not need a FP for this attraction. We came in just before showtime and had no trouble getting a seat.