Is it foolish to book a later FPP?

I was only able to get 7DMT, FOP and SDD in the late afternoon or evening during our trip in September. What are the chances that I might be able to modify them to an earlier times as our trip approaches? If I can’t modify them should I cancel and skip them so that we can book more FPP’s after our first 3 and not have to wait until evening to book a 4th?

Just keep them. I know many people here love the idea of booking multiple FPs after their 3, but the reality is those FPs are valuable as is. If you’re in lines for other things and don’t get your 4th or 5th FP, so what?

That said, I had a 9:55pm FP for SDD that I was able to move up to 4:10pm. Near the end of our day, but heaps better than standing in a line up for it.


Keep them and try to modify, even on the day of. It is much easier to modify into an earlier time when you already have the ride you want since you don’t have to scroll down a list looking for the right ride.


Keep them.

The fourth-and-beyond FPP is really the most valuable in MK, for one thing. The other parks just don’t have enough offerings for it to be a big loss to lose that opportunity. And IMO it’s NEVER worth skipping a FPP for an attraction that is high priority for my travel party just because the timing isn’t what I would prefer with regard to fourth-and-beyond

Continue to try to modify. You don’t have to wait until your trip - just like ADRs that’s something you can try as often as you like between now and when you go. Consider splitting your party up into smaller groupings and try for overlapping times as that is sometimes easier to work. Do NOT split them into smaller groupings if you would not be okay riding separately. Again, fourth-and-beyond is not worth that gamble if you’re not going to be happy with the result of being split up to ride.

Again, I would advise to keep what you have.


Keep them. The one that would bother me most is 7D. If you can’t modify, perhaps try to plan a RD that day or an pre opening breakfast at BOG. Then I’d you get the ride in, modify the pass to something else.


So I am staying off property on my trip next week and have been able to move several of my fp’s to much earlier than they started out, tonight a TSM came up for 10:30 on our HS day, so def keep looking. I do agree that I don’t think I would keep one super late in the day at MK, I think the on going use of FP’s is the most important there.

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I’d keep them and keep trying to modify. If worse comes to worse and you can’t, you can decide that day based on wait times whether it’s worth keeping the late ones or riding those rides standby so you can get 4th+.

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