Is it even possible for an AP holder to get a FP+ on 7DMT?

We’re local premium annual passholders, and my family wants to go on the mine train on a Sunday. But even though January is a relatively slow month, fastpasses are already gone for the entire 30 day window we’re allowed to book in. Ditto for the parades.

It’s pretty frustrating that everyone else gets to scoop these up 60 days in advance, leaving nothing for WDW’s most loyal, local fans. I guess Disney knows vacationers will spend more money at the park in any one visit, and their guest experience is therefore more valuable.

Is my frustration valid, or is it equally hard to get these 60 days in advance? Any tips - if I go online at midnight exactly 30 days in advance, do I have a better shot? Is there a chance of scoring a FP on-site on the same day?


Its certainly worth a try. Alternatively, while its not really in the spirit of ‘the rules,’ you could also make a room-only reservation for 60-some days from when you want to go, and then cancel it after your 30 day window opens. My understanding is that since the FPP are associated with your AP and not the room reservation itself, they wont be deleted. I haven’t personally done this (and I’ll avoid the moral quandary of whether one should do this) so I don’t vouch for it, but I have heard of other people doing it.

Also, while no one likes to wait in lines… not having a FPP doesn’t preclude your family from riding 7DMT on Sunday :slight_smile: You could always ride at RD, or you could ride late in the day if you’re hoping to avoid the longer waits of the day. I am also an AP holder, but not a local, so I haven’t has this issue as we always have a room reservation. I haven’t had trouble getting a FPP for 7DMT some time during our trip, but the choices (even at midnight 60 days out) are often limited as other resort guests with earlier check-in dates have already gotten the jump on them.


My only suggestion is to contact WDW Guest Services ( and let them know the problems you have been having with this. If enough AP holders contact them, perhaps they will come up with a solution. And who knows, perhaps a CM may decide to send a little magic your way and override the system to get you some 7DMT FPPs.


I suspect changes will come once FP+ is rolled out in DisneyLand, and Disney executives start getting an earful from their local passholder friends!

I’ll contact guest services just to create what little pressure I can, but sounds like the best strategy is to just drag my teen out of bed and get there early. It’s such a better overall experience in the morning anyhow.


I tried getting FPP’s for A&E for months. I know some have been able to get them, but I don’t have time to check multiple times a day. I made a day trip on a weekday with my four kids and we stood in line 70 minutes to see them. It was worth it! It is frustrating be have the disadvantage of not being able to get those tough FPP’s, but on the other hand, we can go often, so it isn’t as critical that we fit a bunch of attractions in a day.

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For what it’s worth I tried every day starting on day 60 and could get nothing. Then, at 24 days, a whole bunch opened up and I had my choice of days and times. As others have said, don’t give up!


Thanks for this thread. I’m not a local but recently got an AP. I’m trying to figure out when I can even book, so I’ve still got lots to learn!

With an AP you have a rolling 30 day window - regardless of where you are staying. If on-site, once your 1st day hits 60, you can book up to 7.

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