Is It Difficult To Get FPP For Early Afternoons At 60 Days Out?

You have all been so helpful. For anyone who has read/helped with my previous posts, my friend and I are now ticketed and our apps are linked. Our hotel reservation at the Doubletree Suites (good neighbor hotel in Disney Springs area) is now also linked, though it took a call to Disney and a few days for them to find the reservation to get that done. (Linking the hotel did not work with the reservation number that Hilton provided to me.)

The next step is booking FPP. My 60 day window approaches in 10 days. This is my first time booking FPP, so I don’t know what to expect.

My friend and I would prefer not to RD any parks. (HS is the one exception. We will RD on one day in order to ride ROTR.) Instead, we prefer to sleep in, maybe have brunch at one of the Disney resorts, and arrive at the parks around noon. I would like to book our FPP for the hours of 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Once those three attractions are done, we may or may not park hop, but we will probably close the park we end up at. Any additional FPP will be luck of the draw and we will try to get some attractions done during the final hours of the day and/or during Evening EMH.

My question: At the 60 day mark, is it generally easy to find FPP for all the major attractions, including FOP, during the hours of 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm? Any comments/thoughts about the difficulty of getting FPP for the afternoons, or generally ignoring morning hours and RD’s, are welcome.

I booked my FPP back in early January at the 60 day mark. I was booking for 6-8 guests. I did not try to get 7DMT, but I did aim for FoP and SDD (this was before MF:SR and MMRR were FPP options) as part of my FPP plan. I was able to get FoP at 60+6 days at any time I wanted…I chose noon. I was able to get SDD on 60+5 days at almost any time I wanted…I chose 10:30 a.m.

There was pretty wide open availability for every other attraction I looked at (again, I didn’t look for 7DMT) at the 60 day window. I did put the harder to get FPP toward the end of my trip, which very likely helped.

Now that HS has restructured the tiers and added FPP options for MF:SR and MMRR, I don’t know how that will affect FPP availability in that park, but I assume it will make SDD easier to get, and maybe make TSMM, RnRC and ToT a bit harder to get…but that is just my guess.

Good luck!

Check out this site. This is only the headliners. For lesser rides, you could easily get morning.

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This depends very much on crowd level at the time and for which day of your trip you are booking for

I just got done booking my FPP at 0700 EST. I had no problems at all booking for afternoons as we are older and don’t do morning well. I got the new Mickey’s runaway train, FOP (3), and Sugglers Run (2) for I and my wife. We have a two week trip planned. I did not know that those staying off property got the 60 day prior thing as I thought it was 30 but if you get it you should have no problem getting anything you want. My trick is book the hardest to get at the end of your vacation and then work toward the beginning of your vacation and book accordingly. If you can then snag what you want earlier go back and get rid of the later one’s that you may have booked.

I wanted to make sure you knew that with a Disney Springs resort your 60 day window will be on a day by day basis. So you can book day 1 at 60 days, then day 2 the next day, day 3 the next day. Only the official Disney hotels get to book all days of their trip on the first day their window opens.

I agree that it depends a lot on CL. I was unable to get 7DMT, FOP, or SDD and we had 5 days. I did manage to get 2 of those later, but one was at 9 pm. Since we were there for an evening only that day it didn’t matter.

Today was my FPP day…I couldn’t get any of the big 3 at HS or FOP until 60+2 for a party of 2. Maybe it’s just going to be more crowded than I thought for our trip! I’d be nervous trying to get any of the big draws at 60 days.

I was not aware of that. That is new information! My trip is for seven days, so it looks like I will be booking my FPP one day at a time for seven days. This means I won’t be able to book those hard-to-get attractions toward the end of my trip to ensure availability. But on the other hand, I think it will be much easier to focus on one park and three FPP each day, and change plans based on what I was able to book on the previous days.

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My dates are April 25 - May 02. Crowd levels are generally predicted to be between 4 and 6.

That is not what the Disney fast pass page states?

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My CL were mostly 10s, for comparison.

We stayed at a good neighbor hotel (Hilton at Bonnet Creek) in December and were able to made all days (69+8) of FPP at 60 days.

Really? I could have sworn I read of people having trouble with this. I know last week someone on here had a problem with a split stay between Swolphin/Disney springs hotel and his FPP only opened for the first stay at 60 days.
Sorry for the bad info!

Apparently I had bad info, I apologize. You should be able to book all days of your trip at 60 days.

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Any more thoughts on beginning your park day around noon and booking fast passes for the early afternoon, as opposed to the AM?

I think you will have an easier time! The morning ones get taken quickly. I had HS on a day 3 or 4 and could only get falcon at 5pm. So we are doing a later start that day now! But if it’s already your plan. Perfect!

I remember reading this recently too, but in that case, they had a split stay with the first hotel being an off site good neighbor hotel, and the second hotel was on property. In that case, the 60+x day booking window did not open up for the entire split stay from check in at the first hotel. Rather, there were two separate 60+x day booking windows. The first 60+x days from check in date for the duration of the good neighbor hotel stay and then a second 60+x day booking window from the on site hotel check in date for the duration of that stay.

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I agree that afternoon fast passes tend to be easier to get than morning fast passes.

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60+ FPP reservations for all the days of split stays beginning at 60 days of first stay may only be available to guests at Disney resorts.

180+ days for ADRS are only available to guests at Disney resorts.

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