Is it difficult to add 1 person to reservation after its booked?

Its difficult to find reservations for restaurants for 5 people beginning of june. I’m seeing alot more for 4 people. Is it possible to book for 4 then add 1 more person later? Is it difficult to do?

When you mobile check in, most Disney restuarants will let you add one person.

When you’re going from a group size that requires one size table to another group size requiring a different size table it may be more difficult.

So you often need a different sized table for 5 people which might make it challenging.

When you’re going from 3 to 4, you really need the same table either way so it should be easier.

That said, there has only been one instance when I’ve not been invited to add a guest and that was at Ogas – and even then when I asked nicely and shared that I had run into my friend unexpectedly I was able to add him at the host stand.

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Oh this is fun information. We have a 4 person reservation for breakfast at Topolinos that I’ve been trying to change with no luck. When I called the CM said they always try to accommodate at check in, but she really emphasized try.

This gives me a little more hope that it might work out.

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I do think it will. In March I had a trip planned with just my DS. I had the perfect ADRs (Topolino’s, Space, BOG, Sci-FI). And then a few weeks before the trip my DD decided to join us. It was spring break and I couldn’t find ADRs for 3 people for those restaurants and I was worried. Every restaurant let us add her. Space was the only one that we couldn’t do on the app since they don’t do mobile check in, but we added her in person without a problem.


Yeah, going from 4 to 5 would probably need a different table…thats why I’m more referring to adding another person way before the reservation takes place. ex) Booking a 4 person now for june 1…then adding another person next week sometime in april.
But it sounds like you can’t change it via the app.

No you can modify your reservation for sure.

I just captured a reservation that was for 3, confirmed it, and then was able to modify it to 4. I did that all through the app

Keep trying. Set up a res finder, too. You’ve got time. Try especially the day before and the day of, if you aren’t successful sooner.

And if worse comes to worst, show up and kindly ask to be accommodated. You’ll be no worse off than you are right now should they say no.

thats very good to know. Ok, I got bold…I was able to snag a Jungle canteen res at MK for 2…maybe i can slowly build it up to 5.

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I set up a ressie finder for space 220 a while ago…I just assume that one is near impossible to book since its so new and good?

It’s definitely hard to book and it’s definitely new :no_mouth:


DHS seems pretty booked up for our first day may 31…but docking bay 7 looks pretty amazing food wise and price wise. Is docking bay usually packed? Or is it pretty easy to get food and sit down there?

It’s busy but if you mobile order you’ll avoid being stuck in line and they have CMs that help folks find tables especially during the busier hours.

You’ll love it. Don’t hesitate!