Is it "dark" in TSL at 6am?

Anyone who has recently rope dropped TSL at 6am–does it have the same feel as in the evening after sunset? I know sunrise isn’t until after 7am. We were going to go one evening specifically to do SDD after dark, but maybe we wouldn’t do that if it’s pretty similar at 6am. Now that wait times for EEMH seem so manageable, I’m reevaluating my strategy. We’ll be there next week.

About 60 minutes before official sunrise time the sky will start to become visibly light. 30 minutes before it will definitely be light out. I would guess with all the lights around you it will still look light nighttime until close to 6:30am. I haven’t done it that early, but if you get the early for rd and are in TSL at 6am you should have darkness for a little while.

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Here’s a blog that had be blogging from each park during EEMH. They take lots of photos and, IMHO, are experts at RD.

Here’s the specific blog about RD at DHS from last week -

Thanks for the input! I can see by the photos that it quickly gets light after 6:30 or so. And it’s interesting that he estimated that 1/3 of the RD crowd went to TSL. That’s more than I was hoping. I would love to do 2 rides on SDD and 2 on TSMM before heading over to ToT/RnRc. SDD not running at RD is a big bummer. Hopefully we won’t have that issue. I think we’ll plan to start walking over from BWV around 5:30. I just want to get into the park a little before 6.

And I’m also seeing the wait times for Smug Run have looked really low on MDE after 9pm. That might even be a better time to ride it than during EEMH.

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I was actually coming here to ask a similar question. I’ve heard that Galaxy’s Edge/TSL are great after dark…but was wondering if I could get the same effect in the earliest part of EEMH. I had read the easywdw blog, but he had a rough start to his day in TSL, so maybe it wasn’t the best gauge. I’ll be there a week from today…but have no plans to be in DHS at night.

The early photos he took in TSL, it looked fairly dark. At least the lights were on and it looked nice. By the time he actually got to ride SDD, it was light. But hopefully if you go there first and SDD is running, then you would get a similar effect to nighttime. You probably wouldn’t have enough time to get to both lands while it’s dark though.

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I was there 10 days ago at 6am. It was dark during the first hour give or take a few minutes.

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Here’s part 2 - SWGE after TSL at about 9 am