Is it cabin fever? Worth it for a short trip?

I might be going insane with cabin fever. I might be delerious with longing since our May trip was essentially pushed to August 2021. We are still planning on taking this trip; it includes my parents and my husband’s parents. We still have the tickets. This trip is happening.

BUT, we saw that Disney is now running a deal for packages through December 25. Considering that My kids got nothing for Christmas or their birthdays in 2019 (because, “we’re going to Disney!” along with other experiences that were cancelled) it is so hard to wait yet another year before going on the trip that we started planning a year ago. So when we saw this deal, a seed was planted. We’re now looking into driving 16 hours (one way) to stay at a Wilderness Lodge cabin, go to MK and HS, then head back home. A “mini” vacation with a not-so-mini price tag. I’m nervous mostly because I don’t know what it will look like by December 20- I’d feel safe going right now with the current protocol and crowds, but will that be true in December? I don’t think anyone knows. My family has been mostly in isolation since March, so this would be a huge step out for us… I’m not sure that we are thinking rationally LOL

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Wow, a lot of thoughts shared just now. You do pose a good question about ‘what will it look like in Dec?’ I think a lot of us are wondering too. But Florida is still on the banned list for all active duty military and if the locals keep acting the way they are the numbers will NOT improve and Disney will more than likely continue their reduced hours and capacity policies. But there are others that will have more to say on this. And speculation is just that… Everyone wants to get out and away right now, want some sense of normalcy. You are not along or crazy!

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Is there no where else you can go for a getaway? That’s a lot of driving and expense for not a lot of fun (to me).

I’m literally looking at cabins over Thanksgiving right now, to go somewhere else and have something to look forward to. Hike around in the bug-free woods, have lots of fires, go screen free for the long weekend, etc.

Edit: north woods MN cabins, not Fort Wilderness!


Any other time that would seem like a huge time and cash invested for a rather small return.

2020 has new rules.

The drive is not a big deal to me. We are avid road trippers and we could do 16 hours in one stint.
The cost of tix for reduced features would be a sticking point for me.
If you’re comfortable with it, tho… I wouldn’t rule it out yet.


We went to Niagara Falls a week ago, for one night. It was nice, and easy to stay away from others. I think it gave me some false bravery and optimism

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Well I don’t know if it’s rational, but does sound fun. And if book through Disney could cancel at 30 days right? If check that. But if things get bad again, you have an out. How old are your kids?

12, 10, and 7. They are also very used to long road trips. We’ve driven across the country multiple times. Just never with such a short destination time.

Yea those are good ages!

Well I think it’s a personal preference really, but my thing would be I’d keep it a surprise until I knew for sure we were going. Just in case I’m not comfortable anymore.

Oh definitely. I couldn’t bear to break their hearts with another cancelled/moved trip. We’re keeping it under wraps until we are going.

Yea my kids didn’t know about our 2 cancelled trips :(. Made it easier. 16 is a long car ride, would you drive straight? My concerns would be if corona numbers were up again, how it would impact school or work and if you’ll be exhausted afterwards.

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Yes, that is one of the tough pills to swallow.

We would drive straight, but we’ve done that before. My husband and I both work from home and the kids have remote learning as an option for the whole school year. If numbers go back up by a lot though, we would probably cancel. If it gets back to the point where we would have to quarantine for two weeks after visiting, that would indicate to me that we shouldn’t be going and I wouldn’t be comfortable

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