Is it better to.....(FP+ question)

…Schedule FP+ for first 2 rides of the day (Space Mtn, Buzz) and then have the ability to add more for the later in the afternoon rides (Big Thunder, Splash Mtn), or go ahead and schedule for the late day ones, since the lines are supposedly longer then? I’m afraid that they won’t be available the day of, if I wait. Also, don’t know if we’ll really need to have FP’s for the first 2, after rope drop. I got Peter Pan for the time I wanted, so will be keeping that one as is.


I like to plan to go to my rides first thing and have FP for later in the day. I don’t use a fourth FP, but we don’t stay into the evening anyway. That said, last year, I was able to snag a FP for 8:45am for 7DMT (MK opened at 8am) that worked out fine. It was the only one left that wasn’t an evening time, so I had no choice. I found that even at that time of the morning, when the park was open for 45 minutes, the line was very long.

But you haven’t mentioned 7DMT in your list. Are you running for that one first? We usually go to Space Mountain first and get out in time to do Buzz Lightyear second, both without FP. We even make it over to BTM 3rd without too much of a wait.

Thanks so much for your reply Ariadne! No, we won’t be riding 7DMT. My 13 yr old son said he’s not interested! So, I’m hoping everyone else will be running to that, Elsa, and Dumbo! We plan on Space mtn first, then Buzz, so hopefully it won’t be too bad. I went ahead and kept the others for the afternoon. On another note, I was just able to book FP’s for Epcot on the next day and Test Track was booked until 11 am! So, I guess some people do use the early FP’s first thing. Now, I just need tips on how to bust through crowds and secret passageways! Tee hee!

It is generally better to save your FPP reservations for a little later in the day when the lines are longer - FPPs for the first two rides of the day are a waste if you are getting there at RD. However, a lot of this depends on the specific attractions you want to do. The best thing to do is make a personalized TP and use the Optimizer to help you figure out the best FPPs to get.

I do not worry about 7DMT or A&E. I RD either Space (ride it a couple of times and then head over to Big Thuder and after that I will hit PoC and HM and maybe finish off with PhilharMagic before any crowds build. That way you can FP PP later. Or start with PP and then head right over to Space for a couple of rides and then hit 4-5 other attractions before you need a FP. I just do not believe in using a FP for a time that it is not needed in the hopes of getting a FP later for a attraction most likely does not really need a FP.

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Our strategy is to get FPs for between 11-2 PM, and then try to get a 4th after that. If you’re not trying to get 7D or A&E as a 4th, you will probably have success.

Thanks so much! I’m on board with that now. I am keeping PP for 12:30, Splash Mtn @ 4:30, and BTMR @6:45 then. Will do Space Mtn and Buzz at RD, then continue on in Tom Land in the morning. I’m a little bid mobility challenged, so I can’t criss cross across the parks. We’ll have to go in the dreaded circle! But, thankfully, with a teen, we don’t have to spend time with character meet and greets or little kid rides (except for some that I want to ride again!).