Is it a hassle without a magicband?

Going in Nov with a friend and staying at a DS hotel. She will be buying a 2 day park pass, probably the mid day magic pass but she doesn’t have a magicband and I could see her not wanting to buy one. I will purchase her park pass and add it to my MDE to make some FPP’s. Is it a hassle to go to the parks without a magicband?? LOL.

No. I’ve never been with MagicBands. As long as you have easy access to your card ticket, it is easy. Probably not AS easy as with a MB…but definitely not NEEDED.

However, there are some advantages that MB gives you. Like, at Test Track, the use of MBs will make the experience a little smoother. And if you use the Memory Maker, you’d probably want it.


Nope. I didn’t use one back in April / May. (It was an impromptu / last minute trip)

MB is just easier for Photo Pass / Memory maker if you purchased it. I do recommend a lanyard with a pouch to carry it around your neck for quick FPP / tapstile use.

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Ok thanks. I have a MB but my friend would not. I was mostly just thinking about her tapping in for FPP. All the plans will be thru my MDE. It’s funny that I hardly ever notice anyone without a MB nowadays.

I’m not sure if the tickets have the access for the on-ride photo options to be automatically linked to your MDE account. If the ticket does not, I would suggest a MB for this option alone. Some of the new on-ride “special” photo options are pretty nice, and you may not get those without one.

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Will the rides that don’t have tap points for the ride photos work at all without a magic band?


I was typing while you were posting. Some rides you can tap your card after the ride, but others there is no tap point. I’m thinking you could contact Disney and locate your photos for those rides but that would sure be a hassle.

Edit: As long as one person has a MB, it should be fine. Never mind.

@heidelj Yes, I do have a MB (and an AP) so as long as I’m next to her on the rides or in pics, the photos should show up in my account. Of course, we never got any of our RnRc or EE pics in Sept despite even tapping in for some of them. And we got a bunch of strangers pics to boot. Oh well.


“Hassle” - no. Is it more convenient with one - yes.

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If someone else in your group has a MB you can get them that way. However, if you want to get them on your account you can contact Disney and they will find them

I had to do this for PoC, HM and Splash (even though Splash has card readers mine didn’t register)

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Two words that go hand in hand with the rfid card:
Duct Tape.

13.99 for a Magic Band? Foolishness.

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