Is it a good investment?

A day or so into our trip my mom asked if DVC is a good investment. I told her it depends on her definition and if she considers her grandchildren’s future happiness an investment then yes!! So now I have so many questions about DVC. My mom would want to be able to bring me and my 2 siblings and our families. Right now that stands at 11 people. My brother and I are both hoping for more kids over the next several years. So at this point we would want enough points to rent a 3 bedroom, but in the near future we may outgrow even that. Does DVC make sense for such a large group? Thanks!!

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If staying on property is important to you, perhaps, although that is wildly individual.

I’m looking at renting a home come 2024, when we are hoping to go with us, my kids and their spouses, and potentially any grandkids should we have any by then.

I can rent a 6 bedroom home for a week for less than $2000, including a private pool, full kitchen, etc. By comparison, that same amount would only cover about 2 years of maintenance fees for a DVC! :wink:


This was our first trip and we really liked being on property. We did a lot of PPO ADRS, RDing, afternoons in the room, and nighttime shows. I’m not sure that would be as convenient if we were off property.

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If you search DVC there are a few other threads that discuss the “worth it” piece and the most recent one I uploaded the spreadsheet that I used to research our purchase. First things first, it really isn’t an investment. It’s pre-paid vacations. Second, I personally would think that if you are going with that many people that DVC is probably not the way to go. You need to be planning around 12 months in advance (which I literally cannot imagine doing with 3+ families on a regular basis). Also, a 3-bedroom is hard to get and more points than 3 studios or other combinations.

Start looking at the options and research where you would want to stay, when, and how long and what kind of initial purchase (number of points) you would be looking at. There are plenty of DVC owners here who can answer your questions, but is a much more comprehensive DVC resource.

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Thank you!! I will definitely check out that other site.

Maybe not AS convenient but can certainly still be done. Our first trip was extended family off property and we took afternoon breaks daily.

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I cannot imagine DVC being considered what most people would think of as a ‘good investment’. Let us assume she is prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars for enough points for three families and the yearly maintenance fees. For my family the cost of renting rooms is just over 1/4 of the cost of the total vacation. That is with renting DVC. Even if the cost of rooms was paid for by your mom there remains a large financial cost to the families to go. A cost that tends to grow every year more than inflation. Just another factor if buying DVC makes sense and if so how many points (yearly attendance vs something else).