Is is worth it to get the 2015 Unofficial Guide?

My wife and I are planning a trip to WDW in March to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We’ve already booked our hotel and park tickets with WDW directly, purchased our airline tickets, planned each day’s activities on TP (which was incredibly helpful BTW), and even made reservations at a couple of restaurants (Cinderella’s Royal Table and Brown Derby).

So my question is, at this point in our planning, is it still worth it to get the Unofficial Guide or is most of what we would benefit from here on something I could find on the TP site? We’re trying to be careful about not spending money on any unnecessary things to help pay for our trip, I know that the book is only around $10, but every penny counts, and I want to make sure it would be a good investment for us.

I think all of your big decisions have been made. I’d save the $10.


That’s what I was thinking too. Thanks for your answer.


That’s the classiest answer I’ve ever read. Way to go TP!


Buy the current copy when you renew your TP subscription. It will give you a good renewal rate!

Great idea! I’ll definitely do that before planning my next Disney trip. I think it will come in really handy when we’re a little more flexible with our dates. But TP has been a great help this time for us in getting things planned out and in building anticipation too.

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I think it has great tips and everyone should read the UG at least once in their lifetime @RobertSch6. But since you’re on a budget… Maybe for next time??

I had to get the most updated version (even though I already had an older one) just because I was paranoid about missing some good tip. Now that our trip is over, I’ve passed my 2015 copy on to a friend just to encourage them to start thinking about a trip of their own this next year. Share that love.


Holy smokes! If I were collecting royalties, think I would have said buy a copy for each family member. :slight_smile:


I believe it was Confucius who said “Honesty is the best long-term business strategy.”


No bag of coals for you this year.

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