Is FPP for Wishes worth it?

For arrival day we will head to MK around 6pm. Wishes is at 10. I’m getting ready to do my FPP for that day and was wondering if Wishes is a good choice? Because we aren’t getting there until so late in the day and we are just planning on doing whatever we have FPP for, eating and wandering I wasn’t worried about getting a 4th FPP or anything. We are back in MK the next morning for a full day but it is a MNSSHP night at we won’t be staying for the party so this is our only night at Wishes.

Is it a good spot/worth it?

I wouldn’t do it only because I’d rather have 3 vs 2 attraction FPP’s and still have the option for a 4th. And, I never have a hard time getting a good spot for Wishes. But, arriving late and not having the concern for 3 vs 2 attractions as you do makes a good case for getting that Wishes FPP I suppose. :slight_smile:

I honestly think the viewing is better back around Casey’s

I’m at a point in life that if I’m watching wishes I’m getting FPP to get away from all the crowds and being able to lie down to watch the fireworks.

If you have never seen wishes it’s not the best view and you should be near the ice cream shop or Casey’s.

Thanks. We have seen it multiple times but bringing MIL who has never seen it. What about the electrical parade. Is that worth the FPP?

Again, not for us. You can get great views and be really close to great attractions you can hit right after in Frontierland. Suggest you get three attraction FPP’s: at 6,7, and 8pm. Grab a 4th right after your 8pm. Since you’ll go to the MK the next day, maybe make your 7 and 8pm FPP’s attractions that have a different feel at night (ie not dark rides). 7Dwarfs and Jungle Cruise come to mind. Get to the Casey’s area 15 or more minutes before Celebrate the Magic and stay in your spot for Wishes. The second Electrical Parade is better in terms of crowds so hit that over in Frontierland followed by either Splash or Big Thunder. Oh, consider grabbing a dolewhip before Celebrate and enjoy that while you wait.

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Great tips @Sam2071!