Is FOP FPP Possible at 60+3?

Will be going to AK on our second park day (but third day after checking in) — what are the chances for getting a FOP FPP and at what time? Not planning on being at AK in the evening.

I was able to get around 3pm on 60+2, but that was last September. I didn’t try to modify any earlier.

I just got it at 60+2. I got an evening by choice but there were afternoon times available. I followed availability for my specific days leading up to my FPP 60 day window on the Dibb and it was incredibly helpful.

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On my phone and not sure the link is copying correctly but I’ll try to paste it here.

For July 21 a 60 plus 3 FP for 745pm Wanted 10am. Have been slowly able to modify it to 4pm.

I can depend on the time of year you’re going.

I got it last week. 4-ish in the afternoon, but that works for me.

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Another tip - make it the first thing you book. Even if it is the last day of the trip (or of the availability if you have a super long trip). For me it was day 62 and I got it with a few times to choose from. All gone NOW, but at 7am it was there.

3pm would work great. Tell me what the modify strategy is? Do you just get on MDE daily and see if earlier times are available?

I was able to get an afternoon FPP for day 3. I was able to later modify it to be earlier with

I got FP’s for around 3pm at 60+2 and this was between christmas and nye, so I’d say its certainly possible. I went to check within a couple of minutes of the calendar opening up

When I went last fall, I got FOP for late morning at 60+4. As I recall there was late afternoon availability for 60+3.

Exactly. Or hourly