Is Fantastic canceled often?

_I am kind of considering a dinner place w. an “allocated” standing location but I am concerned about ending up with a very expensive dinner and no-show. Is rain the reason for cancellations? Does it happen often?_Thanks

It takes a lot to cancel F! From what I have seen it’s been cancelled once for heavy & once for technical issues(2nd show of the night shortly after it re-debuted last summer). Also, a note on the rain, we’ve only seen 4-5 rainy days in the last 4 years where we have logged about 120 days in the parks. All of those rainy days were between Dec-Feb. So by those numbers you can see it really doesn’t rain too much in SoCal and if going outside of those months the rain will almost certainly be a non-issue. And out of those rainy days only once was it bad enough to impact F! so even in those months, I would make the reservation & if the forecast has rain in the day or so leading up to it, you can always cancel the night before without penalty.

We had a dining package once reserved on for what was suppossoed to be a very rainy day & were worried that we would waste our money too. Our time was fairly early too like 4:15 & of course no one could tell us for sure if the 40% chance of rain would come to fruition or if it would be impactful to the show. We were able to talk to the restaurant a little less than 2 hrs before our ADR & they let us go ahead & cancel (and even though it looked like rain & had been raining the day before, it didn’t rain & the show went on so you may even be ok to take your chances on rain).

So all this to say, it’s rare that the rain dampens F! and you should go full steam ahead with any plans!

Thanks, this is great to know and it is good advice. Based on it I made a reservation. I might still cancel as it is really crazy to spend this much money… Our trip will be mid-March with two 7 yr old grandchildren, who will be quite tired by the end of the day. We are not exactly 18 either and this is our first and last trip to Disneyland. So I would splurge (not for the food, which we are not after) but for the chance to watch the show from a place where we can sit down. Otherwise, based on what I am reading, during spring break, even if one has Fastpasses, it is advisable to be there in line an hour before the show and then wait some more after managing to secure a place to stand, etc. I do not know if sitting on the ground is an option, as it might be still cool at 9pm and I do not know if the kids would see if others are standing. It just sounds too much for all of us.

So I did make a reservation for The River Belle Terrace, the only place one can watch the show sitting but not on the ground. However, I would like to know fi anyone tried this option and if one can truly see the show from their patio. I was told that those who get a table closer to the rail see “better”. For the money they charge, I do expect to see, but it is not clear to me based on the location of this restaurant if I would get what I am looking for.

Any comments or suggestions based in experience would be appreciated.