Is Fantasmic happening on Jan/Feb weekends

Hi; looking to go to Disneyland on a Saturday in Jan or Feb and the Disneyland official calendar says Fantasmic is not scheduled. Yet I see Touring Plans saying that there were shows when I look at historical calendar. Can anyone confirm that their are Fantasmic shows on weekends in Jan/Feb?

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I have been wondering the same I have been trying to book the dining package to know avail and embarrassed to say never checked the official calendar…

We don’t have a trip planned for now so I haven’t been stalking the entertainment calendar but as soon as I read this I went to go play around with it starting with the 5 day view from this weekend until the end of Jan. At first I didn’t see any Fantasmic schedule so I decided to check if it was on the refurb list but you can only see refurbishments if you look one day at a time, so I switched to 1 day view for Sat Jan 28th and lo & behold there was a Fantasmic! scheduled. I went back to look at both the one day view & the 5 day view for weekends in Jan days starting from this Fri 13th and it looks like they aren’t showing Fantasmic for now but will start doing weekends from Jan 28th on.

So if you were looking for a Fantasmic dining package, I would check agai in case they are newly dropped.

my luck we are flying home on the 27th

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Bummer. The very nice trade-off will be that the crowd level especially in the evening along the Rivers of America will be SO MUCH less congested and allow for some pretty laid-back touring, at least in terms of navigating the walkways.

Makes sense. Seems like a lot of the 100th anniversary activities start on 1/27

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