Is EMM-Fantasyland on predictable days?

We’ll be heading to Disney at the end of February 2020, and I’m seriously considering investing in some Early Morning Magic - is there a way to predict when it is (IF it is, which I know is not guaranteed)? I checked and they’ve only got dates listed for the rest of this month, on Tuesdays and Sundays - should I assume that they’ll stick with that schedule?

Yes it’s been that way since they started, I don’t think it will change.

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I’m concerned that nothing past August is open for booking. I was hoping that they’d open after the EEMH phase was past, but that hasn’t been the case… I’m not so patiently waiting for Nov 3rd EMM.

I highly suggest EMM BTW. It was a wonderful time last year. The food was good if you can overlook the Styrofoam plates and plastic utensils - but this was before it moved to Cosmic Ray’s.

They haven’t decided what happens with EEMH after Nov 2nd. It could continue from Nov 4th (the 3rd is the half marathon day).

At the very least I would expect the daily EMH to restart on or very soon after Dec 5th for a couple of months (possibly excluding Christmas week).

I doubt there will be EMM whilst they have daily EMH. By February, things may be back to normal.

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I sure hope so! We are going in early January, and I have EMM on my spreadsheet for our MK Sunday (and if it’s on the spreadsheet, it HAS to happen! :smile:) I typically am not eager to pay for add-ons, but after reading about this one, I really want us to be able to do it!


No, I meant I expect daily EMH to restart in December!

Editing my first reply to make that clear.

Well, drat! Then I hope you’re wrong LOL… and we get EMM! At least in January! :blush:

According to TP, the Sun on the weekend of the half marathon still had a EMM Fantasyland. I wouldn’t expect any different this year due to the marathon. Now, SWGE on the other hand… uhhh I’m so not a SW fan. Isn’t 2 full months of EEMH enough?!

The end date of EEMH at the moment is the day before the half marathon. They can’t have the park open and runners still scheduled to be there. There could well be an EMM the next day, no reason not to…l. Except for the small matter of Star Wars.

Who knows?

And until they see how the EEMH go, and how manageable the crowds are at DHS, they may well not decide what to do until about a month before.

I don’t know if they would add EMM at that kind of late notice.

I am hoping for EMM and After hours events for January

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OP is inquiring about EMM Fantasyland, not EMM Toy Story Land. Marathon will not impact EMM at MK. Regardless, I see your point… I don’t know what the cutoff date would be for adding EMM back to the schedule. I do know I’m disappointed it isn’t offered during my trip and would welcome a last minute change to include it. I would assume that with proper announcement, they could gather a large enough group to make it profitable even with short-ish notice. It’s become a popular event.

In a similar fashion, I’m hoping that they offer DAH for Animal Kingdom in May…trouble is, the days that they had DAH for AK was not quite so consistent, so it makes planning ahead a bit difficult. If we can get DAH for AK, then we would NOT use any of our 6 day tickets at AK since we could get everything we want to do at AK done during the DAH event. This means we could do 2 days at each of the other three parks. But if there will be no DAH, then we have to decide which other park to only do a single day at. I wish Disney would publish the dates out as far as they expect us, as guests, to plan (180 days for ADRS!).


I’m also trying to plan our days, and I’m very much hoping to do both Fantasyland and Toy Story Land EMM. If anyone sees the schedule open up again, please give us all a heads up. We’re going in late January, but I’d be happy with any sign that they plan to continue with the normal schedule.

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I expect it will be widely announced on the Forum and on Chat. Many are waiting with baited breath.

Oh, good. I hadn’t seen it mentioned in a while, so I wondered if everyone knew something I didn’t.

I thought the half marathon went through all parks?

Regardless, my point is that the extra extra magic hours were run until the 2nd Nov because the half marathon is on the 3rd and that definitely does impact DHS.

Without EEMH at DHS there is no reason for daily EMH at MK or AK.

But if they decide to extend the 6-9am EMH at DHS, I think they might also continue with the daily EMH elsewhere. Therefore there would be no EMM at MK either.

It starts at Epcot parking, goes through MK, then through Epcot, and ends in Epcot parking. Unless they change the course for 2020, but that is what the 2019 (and years prior) course maps show.

I mean, how can you have a Princess Half marathon that doesn’t go through the Castle?!

It will impact MK. The fastest runners will get there by about 6am and the last runners before the sweep buses will likely leave MK between 8:30am and 9am ( assuming the last corral goes by 6:30am and the allowed pace/mile is the usual 17 minutes). The course goes through the parking lots, through the TTC, through the bus area, in the front of the park, up Main Street, through Tomorrowland, through Fantasyland, through the Castle, through Liberty Square, and out of the park under the train tracks near Splash Mountain.

We are talking about 2 different events.

OP is going in Feb 2020 - this is when the Princess Half is held that will affect MK; although we don’t know if OP is affected by this race.

I was talking about Nov 3, 2019. This is the Wine & Dine Half that will affect Epcot. There is no impact, that I can tell, from this event to MK. And in fact, last year on race day, MK EMM did take place according to TP.

aha, thanks for the clarification, I’m sorry – yes, I was speaking to the original question. For Wine and Dine half (which I’ve never run and am excited to do!) the race starts in the MK parking lots of traffic will be impacted and the getting to-and-from early, but not the inside of the park itself.

Our trip is 11/11-11/21 and, as yet, I’ve found no word in whether there will be any EMM or EEMH anywhere.