Is driving the only way to get to AK at 655-7am from Boardwalk?

I’m staying at Boardwalk. Going to AK tomorrow. AK opens early for resorts at 7am. People say they start letting in a few minutes early…
Is driving the only way to get there early enough to get closer to the front of the pack? Or will the buses leave super early for AK from boardwalk?

Buses will get you there in good time for early entry. They will start around an hour earlier - I’ve seen people on buses before 6am.

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We always took a Lyft to get there early. Plus the ride share drops you off much closer than the buses do. We would schedule a Lyft the night before


Bf 6? Wow… didn’t realize they run that early

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Early entry at AK is 7:30 am tomorrow. So, buses should start running around 6:30 am.

This is incorrect. Saturday, yes…ETPE is 7 at AK…but tomorrow (Friday) it is 7:30.

App shows early entry is at 7am tomorrow as well as Saturday.
And personally if you have a car, just drive it @zepking. No real good reason to wait for a bus.

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Weird. It didn’t a few minutes ago. I looked three times to be sure. When I just switched to Saturday and then back to Friday, it switched to 7:00. I am 100% sure I didn’t misread.

AK parking was close to the entrance especially compared to MK.

We don’t mind the bus tho and if park opening is 7 am we’d definitely be at the bus stop before 6 am.

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Ended up driving. Didn’t realize parking was free for Disney resort guest


You already pay for parking at your resort.