Is Disney Springs crazy busy lately?


I recently watched a late 2020 video which indicated that Disney Springs (was) so busy that it sometimes takes 90 minutes or more just to get into the parking garages.

Has anyone been lately? Is this still the case?

Planning on going on Saturday July 31, but I don’t want to sit in line to park.

Have not seen this at all.

It certainly can get quite busy, and for some people it is busy to beyond comfort given the current circumstances.

I can say without hesitation, however, that on my trip I was over there 3 times and on none of these times did I wait to park, get into the area (through security in other words), or into any stores aside from Gideon’s. I visited during the lunch hour on a week day, the dinner hour on a Friday night, and Sunday morning which happened to be Independence Day.


Agree. My middle child was in Orlando for a month staying with friends and they went to DS regularly. As locals they always drove in… Never had any issues. They just got home a week ago and were even able to do Gideon’s reasonably easy.

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I have heard that has loosened up quite a bit.


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I know parking lots filled during lockdown days but it seems to be back to normal with the exception of security checks before entry. I believe those are staying. Honestly I just try to avoid DS. I liked smaller DTD not the monstrosity it’s evolved into.

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Is it just bag check now to get in to Disney Springs? Last time I was there it was March of this year.

Scanners from parking garages

But what I’ve heard is that there is no security screening from the buses???

Can anyone confirm this?

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Yes. I went twice by bus between 7/1 and 7/4 and, while one passes a number of security guards on the way in, there is no formal screening as when entering from the garages.

So WTF is the point of ANY screening anywhere?!

This really makes me angry

DD17 confirmed it but I hoped maybe she passed through a scanner and just somehow didn’t notice.


Because Florida is awash in guns, and a local arriving by car is much more likely than someone staying in an on-premises hotel (which has specific prohibitions against firearms in the rooms) to have one on his or her person, either deliberately or by “forgetfulness.” It’s playing the odds.


Then why is the west end entrance from the OKW/SSR closed? Those are high falutin DVC uppity types

No screening from Disney bus for us on 7/12

That doesn’t make much sense, as the paths originate within ostensibly secure areas.

It is, to some extent, all theater. This is designed to prevent the meatheads and dirtbags from bringing in their shootin’ irons, again either deliberately or by oversight, and not to foil any truly heinous acts. Meatheads and dirtbags are much more likely to be local and arrive by car. Having a visible security presence is going after that low-hanging fruit, so to speak.

EDIT: A more benign secondary explanation is that it’s also about finding contraband. Resort guests probably won’t be toting their own booze (and I realize the deep, deep irony in yrs. trly. saying that), where as underage, and dirtbag, locals might.


“Florida Man”… it’s a real thing.


Just a reminder that visible security at Disney Springs can be a deterrence.


I didn’t want to bring up the gun issue in my original post, but it is a problem at security checks in the parking garages. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I suspect it is more due to staffing issues at the moment.

When we went last week first thing, it was not terribly busy until 2 or so. On the Friday, we went around 4 and had to park on the roof of the Lime garage - the other levels were full or almost full. A friend who came in a bit later (around 5) also parked up there. It certainly felt crowded then.