Is disney doable for a late riser?

Hi all! So we had a disney trip cancelled in 2020 and are planning to finally go march 2023. But my husband wants to go to Universal instead.
I need to know first hand from someone, how much more complicated is it to get everything done these days and not have to be lined up at 7 am every single day of vacation? I’m willing to buy genie plus and pay for lightning lane but my family (kids aged 10,12,17) are not super early risers and will likely be miserable if they have to get up early every day and stick to a super rigid touring plan. Thoughts? Im dying to ride Guardians!!


@Wahoohokie did this w/ her kids recently… I think this is the link for the TP that she shares sleeping in etc.


Yes, if someone is willing to get up early to purchase G+ then everyone else can sleep in and you can stack G+ for the later in the day.


Usually we’re starting late as often as we’re out early, unless it’s summer and crazy hot. In the summer we do get up early most days, so we can have long midday breaks.

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I agree with your husband. :laughing:

And your kids are the perfect age for all the thrill rides at UOR.

Staying at one of the three Premier hotels will get you Express Pass for your family. Instead of rope drop, you can catch Hagrid’s and Velocicoaster at the end of the day with a lower wait.

You could just take a Lyft to WDW for a day or two.


I agree with your husband and @bebe80. My kids are much younger so we have been doing exclusively Disney, but before my kids were born, DW and I went to Universal with my niece and nephews. We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel and everyone had a blast. We spent 1 day at Disney (MK).

As for your question, as long as one person gets up at 7 am to book ILL and LL, I think you could experience a lot at Disney without your whole family getting up early.


We just finished our trip with a 10, 8, and 5 year old. Most days we arrived at the park at about 10:30. I was up at 7 to book our first LL. We were able to ride every ride and see most shows using G+ and a good booking plan. We didn’t have a touring plan, but we did have to follow our LL around the park. We only bought one ILL (7DMT) and skipped ROTR, but definitely had time for it if we decided to pay for it.