Is dining down for everyone?

Ugh, I hate having to ask this, but I’ve been up early for ADR day and nothing will work. I’m so disappointed and hoping it isn’t just me.

It’s not just you. I can’t get the app to search at all and on the website everything says there’s no availability.

Okay thank you! I’m searching for really obscure stuff now and in total disbelief that there’s nothing available! Wonder how long this sort of thing takes to resolve…

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Are you suggesting that Disney — one of the largest billion dollar companies in the world — has utterly useless IT? Hmm?

Oh you were? That’s fine then. They do.


Not long I hope. I wonder if it’s even worth phoning in an hour or if it will be down for CMs too.

I hope it isn’t down that long! But definitely worth a call if it is…trying to get Topolino’s for my daughters 1st bday- so fingers crossed!


Good luck! I hope you get it.

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It seems to be working for me – web browser version.

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Really? Not for me. There are lots of reports on chat of it being down too. You are lucky!!

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In fact it hasn’t even got my dates open now, it did earlier.

It’s working!

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I kept getting these notices for things I was watching off and on all night. Looking at the site, everything looked like it was mostly available. Very weird–I thought Disney was dumping things for our dates.

I clicked to try to book something just for kicks, and it would go nowhere. SO, yeah, all that to say I concur that something unusual was going on last night. I wonder if they did an update that went haywire.

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Did you get what you wanted??

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I did thanks, I’ve been having to book daily for my last few days since we go for 2 weeks so I only needed Yachtsman.


So did I. I lost count after about 35 texts.

I did the same thing. Literally every restaurant was available for multiple times.


I’m glad I’m in good company. I was asking myself when I was looking at this–why? Why am I doing this? I have the ADRs I wanted, I don’t need anymore, but it’s a compulsion :rofl:


I was doing it because I don’t have the ADRs I want and I was hoping it was real which is why I spent way too much time in the middle of the Disney site.

Better reason than mine.

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Yes, but much more frustrating.