Is coral reef really that awful?

From reading a few reviews, I can only assume that CR is purposefully serving poisonous, moldy and poorly cooked food. Is there any recent love out there for coral reef? Or should I actually run away now?

We only ate there once and it really wasn't recent but I thought it was good. Not our favorite meal but there were parts that were very good. I had a slaw served with my fish that was awesome but I don't see it on the menu. Honestly, we've never felt we had a bad TS dinner. We've had great meals and fine meals. Maybe we aren't quite the foodies that others are but we always feel the atmosphere is wonderful and we try things we normally wouldn't so it's all good for us smile

I have only ate there once about 5 years ago and voweled to never return worst TS I have ever had. That being said everywhere has "off" days so maybe someone that has been recently could shed some light.

Yup. Ate there in Feb. Worst meal in EP ever.

Been a few years, but it was fine. Nothing spectacular, nothing awful.

Ate there in June. Would say it is just average. The aquarium is cool though.

Ate there last year and thought it was quite good. It is not my favorite place to eat at Epcot but I would go back.

I've never had bad food or service there. Certainly not "excellent", and perhaps a bit over-priced, but in no way offensive. CR wouldn't be at the top of my list for a return, but I would have no problem going back if I was with someone who wanted to. It IS one of the most unique dining locations in WDW...


We went in July 2012 for lunch and really enjoyed it. It was very relaxing, a nice break from the heat and the fish kept the kids entertained. DH and I enjoyed the food but felt the portions were small. We shared an app and a meal because we were on a tight budget and we were still hungry afterwards (and my DH usually never even finishes his OWN meal). We're going in a couple weeks and plan to try it again since we're on DDP and not as worried about the budget.

We went in January and enjoyed it. Food was good, service a little slow but we were without our kids so didn't mind that at all. We would go back for sure, I loved being near the tank.

I didn't love it, but that was probably to be expected since I don't eat seafood/fish of any kind. There definitely wasn't anything that made me concerned about being poisoned and the staff was nice. We mostly went to see the aquarium.

We ate there last September and really enjoyed it. The service was just average, with slow refills, and a generally disinterested server, but the food was very good. We are planning on returning next month.

My kids really want to eat here. I have an ADR but it's not on the day that I want. I'm having a heck of a time changing to another day. You'd think that it would be an easy to get reservation with all of the negative reviews.

I've eaten there several times and every time the food was good - not "OMG" good but def not terrible. My SIL went in April and absolutely loved it!

We go for lunch because my kids love the atmosphere but we just get apps and dessert. The lobster bisque is passable. Desserts are good and like EthicalAddict said its not terrible

My big issue was the seating. Some of the tables are literally right next to the aquarium, so if you don't get one of those, your view is really obstructed. Also, the food was good, not great, and service was just awful. I even asked for a table next to the aquarium, and they said I was getting one, but we didn't. Couldn't get good pics at all. We won't be back.

We went in May last year. It wasn't the most amazing meal ever, but it certainly wasn't the worst! Our view of the tanks was pretty good even though we weren't right next to it. Our server was nice enough. I may skip it next time, but that's only because we have other places we want to try.

We were there 2 years ago and had a great experience. Food and service were very good. We had the vegetarian option and MIL ordered seafood dish that was recommended by the waiter and loved it. I would go back.

We went last Nov and did a walk up at lunch. We were able to sit next to the glass and had a good meal there. We would go back if we could fit it into our schedule. If the menu looks good to you, give it a try.

We ate there a year ago and it was good. Was it the best meal we had? No would it kill me to eat there again? No, I would enjoy it but it wouldn't be my first choice