Is CBR water play area open?

About a week ago, I read a suggestion (either here or on chat) that the water-play area at CBR would be closing for a refurb soon. I haven't been able to find any actual info about that anywhere, but since we will be there in ten days and I chose that resort primarily so that my kids could play in the supercool pool and splash area, I just want to make sure that everything is open and okay!
Anybody with "real-time" "live" info on CBR for me?

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Sounds like the water play area will be closing 9/2, but the pool will be open. I found:

"Fuentes del Morro Water Play Area closed 9/2/2014- 9/26/2014. Feature pool will be open." on

I hope that doesn't impact you too much; sounds like it will be open when you get there at least. Maybe someone there can report if they see something different reported onsite.

Have a great time, and please report back on the rooms and transportation! I'm going 10/29 and REALLY want queen beds! (That's what I was originally looking for in refurbs when I found the water play area info.)

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Thank you, thank you!!! That date is when we are leaving, so we will just miss it, thank goodness! My kids would've been so disappointed! smile