Is California Grill the hardest to get ADR?

I have been browsing mousedining over the next month and there is currently only 1 day in Sept showing any availability for California Grill, I wondered is it the new hardest to get ADR? Even BOG has a handful of openings and Storybook has 3 days with availability.

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Brunch at CG is pretty hard to get. I haven’t had issues with dinner ADRs in the past.

Off topic, but I have never heard of this website - thank you for mentioning it!

Any chance you are staying at the Contemporary? Perhaps they could be of assistance.

I think its hard when you’re booking a month out. I just recently booked 180 days out and was able to select California Grill any day or time i wanted.


Bon Voyage breakfast has been the hardest for me, followed by O’hana dinner!

V&A Chef’s Table is the hardest to get ADR; Queen Victoria Room is almost as hard. I’ve never had a problem with CG, although I’ve never tried to get the brunch. But this is all based on 180 day tries.

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Isn’t it crazy? I managed to get that one with res finder easily. Maybe it’s just because my dates are getting closer.

I actually checked for the next 5 months and the availability is non-existent

CRT is pretty tough.

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Did you try for Bon Voyage at 180+ and still not get it or was this later? This is a must do next trip but will be off-site. I’ve checked done days at 180 and most days it is available.

Victoria and Albert is the hardest to get

I couldn’t get it until later in my trip for my party of 7. And the times were very limited.

Anecdotally, I needed to rebook our table for 3 for our July trip as our plans changed for that day. Around a week out, I was able to slide into a 9:25 reservation on the same day. Availability was relatively limited though & Sunday was one of the few days I could anything at the 11th hour.

Worked out beautifully as we got seated window side just prior to the fireworks at 9:15. Great meal to top it off on what was a near perfect day at the parks…

Why are people so crazy about CA Grill? Is it that great? Just curious?

Beaches and Cream can be up there as well. Limited space makes for hard to get.

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Ha! I had this exact same response to not getting CG on my ADR day about 7 months ago. Even posted with a similarly titled thread. TP Reservation Finder came through for me though. And with a perfect time too.

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I’ve researched too much and now NEED to do brunch at the top. :joy:

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The food is excellent (though it was better a 5+ years ago). There are very few restaurants at WDW with comparable food quality. Even my 13 month old downed an entire order of Wild Salmon so he noticed the difference too :slight_smile:

The environment is also enjoyable, especially the terrace during the fireworks.

We go for dinner once every trip.


Good to read…Is CG a decent sized restaurant or kinda small since it’s so hard to get ressies?

It’s decent sized. I’ve never had a problem getting res for it when my window opened at 180 days. But, I tried to switch res times once a few months before my trip and there was nothing available.