Is California Grill now the most popular dinner spot?

Holy moly! Today was my ADR day Part 1 (split stay), and even with 180+2 on a CL 1 Day at the Parks, by 6:05am ET everything was gone between 6:15pm and 9pm at California Grill. So I checked 180+1, same deal. 180+3, same deal. I was able to get a 5:45pm BOG ADR at 180+1, only 15 minutes off my 6pm target :grinning:. California Grill was my next priority, but the sweet spot ADR times were all gone already. Amazing.

Now, I realize that things will change, and I’ve already signed up for reservation finder. Plus, I snagged the last 6:15pm reservation, and we are staying at CR, so if the kids are still awake, we will plan to go back up to watch the fireworks. However, it is a MNSSHP night – fireworks are likely later than usual. So, it’s not liked I’m crushed or anything. We will make it work. Just amazed at how hard a get California Grill dinner seems be these days.

bummer. Here’s hoping Res finder comes through for you

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The reservation finder is great! It found a California Grill brunch on this coming Mother’s Day for me. I also used it to find Be Our Guest dinner for friends who booked a Thanksgiving 2018 trip only 5 weeks ahead!


My ADR day is not for awhile, but I’ve noticed it harder and harder to get the Brunch at Cali Grill…people, don’t waste your money on that brunch, especially the end of October this year…it won’t be good :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:. I’ll go and report back for you


I’m surprised it’s that tough. Last year I got a Cali Grill dinner res for 180+1 shortly after 6 am (I booked CRT and Chef Mickey’s first).

There are loads of times open on my dates (2-16 Aug) so I’m surprised to hear that!

Ah, well that is interesting. Nothing available for a party of 4 between 6:15-9pm the week of Aug. 25. At least through the Wed. (I can’t access the rest yet). Maybe there is a group/convention that week at CR who are holding a bunch of tables. I dunno. I’m sure it’ll work out for us. Just amazing to me that CG was THAT difficult. And was curious if that was an all the time thing. Maybe not, I guess.

I was surprised to see so much availability for my dates still to be honest, I’d have expected it to be booked up by now. But not at 180!

Same happened for my trip the week before xmas last December. But reservation finder came through, just be patient!

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I just checked out of interest, and there was availability for several dates during our stay (late April to early May) around Pretty much every day had some availability either earlier or later, as in around 5 pm or after 9 pm. So I reckon there is a very, very good chance your res finder will come through. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:


Don’t know if you noticed there are a lot more times available at CG for the date (I think) you were looking at


Thanks! Appreciate you looking out :slightly_smiling_face:, but unless I totally missed it, there is still nothing at California Grill between 6pm-9pm Aug. 25-28. I’m holding for Aug 27.

august 27 has several slots between 6 and 9. I just looked
Available TimesSearch results around 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

7:40 PM

8:00 PMTime Match

8:55 PM
Are you putting in a time, rather than generic search of dinner?

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Wtw? For four?

oh stupid me. Sorry I was searching for 2

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No worries. :slight_smile: I really do appreciate you looking out. Maybe I should get two tables for two?..Nah, think I better hold on to my 6:15pm for 4 for now. Long time for things to work themselves out. Again thanks!!!

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I guess I need to get a life, if I am searching ADRs for total strangers :wink:


I had problems getting California Grill for 180+5 for the week of Aug. 25th…noting was available for a party of 7 and parties of then trying 4/3 for the sweet spots of 6-8; first available was at 9:00 pm. I did find earlier times at around 6 for parties of 4 and 3 and I read that you can use your receipt to go and watch the fireworks at 9 that night…I was thinking the same thing…maybe Contemporary has something going on that week

I was looking for August 29th…I also put in for TP reservation finder but it said it is so early that it will start looking next week…since I secured two tables of 4 and 3 around 6 it is all good…one question: I have never been to CG…will they put 2 tables together of 4 and 3 if possible? Thanks

I did it too, you are in good company. Well company anyway :blush:

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