Is booking early by phone more expensive?

I have a reservation that I want to move to May 2023, but my reservation says I’ll have to call to modify or cancel instead of simply modifying online once new dates are released. So, I was thinking of just calling now to move the room-only to May 2023 dates. However, I believe I heard that if you book in advance like this, the prices are usually more expensive.
If that’s true, how much more expensive?
And would the prices automatically be adjusted once 2023 dates are officially released? Or would I have to change it myself?
I could just cancel my current reservation entirely, but I’d rather just keep the deposit on my card for now if possible.

You’ll get whatever the rack rate is. Prices increase year over year so you’ll probably be looking at a more expensive stay regardless. Prices are the same whether you book online or by phone. The issue for you now for May 2023 is those dates aren’t released yet (but should be in about a month or so) so you have no choice but to call to change it this way.


Thank you! I don’t mind paying rack rate for now, so I’ll give them a call this week! I appreciate the info :slight_smile:

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