Is BOG worth the hype? (for lunch)

I scored an 11am ADR after using TP’s awesome reservation finder. I’m very excited! But now I am second guessing myself. Is it worth the hype? Do you have a better favorite for lunch? We aren’t seafood eaters but are game for anything else.

We really like it for lunch especially. Nice setting for a QS meal and the braised pork and the croquet monsieur were quite good and different than the other QS meals around. Definitely pre-order!


Thank you! :slight_smile:

We really enjoyed it. Another vote for the braised pork. The cupcakes are yummy as well.

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That sounds delicious! Thank you!

My husband and I loved it for lunch last visit. In fact, it was our favorite meal! We are planning on lunch again next visit.

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Ok, thank you! I don’t know why I am second guessing myself. lol!

It’s a very good lunch as Disney QS goes. Great decor in the three rooms. I always get the french dip.

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I love a good french dip! Thank you!

Comes on a great baguette. My wife gets the carved turkey on the same roll. The baguette makes both sandwiches a step above the typical Disney sandwich.

I’d recommend the grey stuff for dessert but it’s not on the lunch menu for some reason. It’s delicious! If you don’t believe me just ask the dishes!

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Oh, yum! I am going to keep the ADR. I am not sure what I was thinking! :slight_smile: Thanks again!

The gray stuff is a cupcake at lunch, the Master’s Cupcake. It’s actually good.

It’s a beautiful restaurant. I was not especially impressed with the food, but I’m glad I did it - once. I still want to try it for dinner.

Do you get to choose where you sit at lunch? How does lunch work? We have only been for dinner, but trying lunch in April.

You just sit down wherever you like. The servers will find you and bring your food on a trolley. :slight_smile:

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I’ve managed to do all three breakfast, lunch and dinner over the course of multiple trips. Here are my take ways…

Breakfast - if you can score an 8AM ADR you get access to the park before it opens. Pre order your food in advance. You’re out before 9AM and first in line for 7D or Peter pan.

Lunch - it’s the best food you’ll find in MK in a sit down setting. It’s a nice break from the park and you get to check out the castle.

Dinner - The big difference from lunch is you can order beer or wine and you get your picture taken with The Beast.

Overall, yes I would say it’s worth it but it is expensive. It was an $80 breakfast for a family of 4 that my kids didn’t really eat. :slight_smile:

I hope this help!